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As a leading brand in household and commercial appliances, Zojirushi (‘zoe-gee-ru-shi) had a very humble beginning. The company was established in 1918 as Ichkawa Brothers Trading Company in Osaka, Japan, in manufacturing hand-blown vacuum bottles.

It was until 1961, the name of the company changed to Zojirushi Corporation. The name Zojirushi came from “Zo”, which means elephant in Japanese. Elephant symbolizes intelligence, strength and familiarity.

Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, Zojirushi has expanded its presence worldwide in the United States, China, Taiwan, Korea, and Southeast Asia. The annual revenues were $50 million US in 2010.

Zojirushi’s Philosophy

Zojirushi’s company philosophy is to improve people’s quality of life through cutting-edge technology and innovation. For over 90 years, it is still true to the founding principles.

Zojirushi’s Product Lines

Zojirushi has three major product lines: cooking products, living products and commercial products. Some of the examples in the living products are stainless steel vacuum bottles, lunch boxes and beverage dispensers. The commercial product line is not shabby either, including Thermal Gravity Pot Beverage Dispenser, Airpot Beverage Dispenser, Commercial Rice Cooker and Warmer, Thermal Rice Warmer, etc., all very popular in restaurants and the hospitality industry.

Beloved Rice Cookers

Best known in the U.S. households are the Zojirushi rice cookers and bread makers. Zojirushi has the most impressive lineup of rice cookers ranging from the traditional/conventional rice cooker, micro-computerized, fuzzy logic, induction heating system, all the way to pressure rice cooker. With every advance in technology, the rice cooker is getting more sophisticated with the heating element and more precise in producing flawless rice and other meals.

Keeping up with the ever evolving trends and changes of consumer tastes and needs, Zojirushi continues to launch innovative products of superior in quality and appealing in design.

I’ve done several detailed reviews of Zojirushi rice cookers with various heating technologies and features and will continue to add more. Look around and get a crash course on how to buy a rice cooker and check out the top-selling rice cookers in the world.

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