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I was as guilty as many people out there when it comes to packing a healthy lunch box to work instead of going out to eat every day.

If you want to be healthy, then start practicing what we’ve been preached: “You are what you eat”. The Zojirushi Classic Bento Box will be a fun utensil to help you eat healthy, stay healthy, save time and money at the same time.

With my 20 years in a corporate job, I can’t tell you how many times I had eaten out. Occasionally, I had packed my lunch box from home but still ended up going out to eat. It is even harder for me to tally up the money I had spent in eating out. Guess what, I didn’t get thinner or healthier, either.

What Is a Bento Box (or Lunch Jar)?

Vacuum Sealed Containers Keep Your Food Hot or Cold for up to 6 Hours

The Zojirushi Classic Lunch Jar provides a creative and neat solution to the leaking wallet, the bulging belly and the draining time. The lunch jar has a vacuum-sealed insulated outer container that keeps the food hot or colder for up to 6 hours. Inside of the external vessel, there are three containers: the vacuum insulated main bowl (20 oz), the vacuum insulated soup bowl (9 oz) and the large side bowl (14 oz) without the insulation lid.

The two vacuum sealed containers will be perfect to hold either hot or cold lunch items. These two containers also have insulated lids. The one room-temperature container will be perfect to keep some snacks that are not temperature-dependent.

First in, First Out? Or Last in, First Out? Or Neither?

The inner containers are to be stacked in a certain order: from bottom to top: soup bowl, main bowl and the side bowl. In doing so, the bottom two containers are protected by the insulation of the main external container.

There is a little bit room on the very top for you to pack an apple or something that doesn’t fit into any of the bowls.

Easy to Use and to Clean

These bowls/containers are dark gray in color. So the food stain such as spaghetti sauce won’t be shown easily.

The outer container is non-stick coated for easy cleaning. Also the inner containers are made of materials free of BPA and micro-wave safe. Don’t leave the lid on when micro-waving. There are also two latches that keep everything securely fastened during transport.

One customer came up with a creative way to heat up the food without staining or damaging the inner bowls by using a small-sized Pyrex bowl. It so happens that there is just enough room to pack a small bowl on the top of the stack. Or you can store one Pyrex bowl in the office.


The lunch jar also comes with a spork (a folk spoon), a pair of chopsticks with a chopstick holder and a small bag to carry the jar with a shoulder strap and protective cover.

Customer Ratings


This SL-GRE18 Bento Box received 4.4 out of 5 star ratings by 40 customers at the time of this review. Their overall feedback can be summarized as:

  1. The jar keeps food insulated very well until lunch time.
  2. It helps many people save hundreds of dollars per month from going out.
  3. It is made of solid plastic materials free of BPA that’s sleek and organized.
  4. It’s easier to eat a healthier and nutritious lunch.
  5. The small containers help with portion-size control, thus conducive to the weight loss effort.


The top side bowl is not insulated. It is by design to keep miscellaneous stuff that doesn’t require certain temperature. The vacuum sealed containers can be hard to open by a young child if containing hot food. This is not a real design flaw either, but just a fact.

Warranty and Where to Buy



Zojirushi offers a five-year warranty on the thermal insulation against defects from the original purchase date. Amazon carries quite a few variations of the lunch jar with different features, colors or styles.

Cold or hot, old or young, this Zojirushi Lunch Jar serves you in so many ways. The best of all, in my mind is to help you fuel your body with nutritious food that doesn’t put a huge dent on your monthly budget. Win-win all the way, isn’t it?

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