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Zojirushi NS-VGC05 3-Cup Rice Cooker is among one of the earlier micom (micro-computer) lineups that you could call an oldie, but a goodie. It’s perfect for singles and small families to cook as little as 1/2 cup of rice without compromising on the quality. The icing on the cake is that it can bake cakes too.

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Capacity Sizes for Singles and Small Families

You can cook up to 3 cups uncooked rice yielding 6 cups after it’s cooked. I would say you can feed up to 3 people comfortably assuming one cooked cup/person. Granted this cup size is smaller per the American standard. Most people cook rice as a side dish to go with a stir-fry or some other main dish. You may have to double up if you only use rice as the only main dish.

Fuzzy Logic Heating

Zojirushi NS-VGC05 is equipped with artificial intelligence via a computer chip. Capable of “human” thinking and reasoning, the cooker will know how to cook the rice at a certain temperature and for certain duration. The benefit you have as a user is that the rice always come out “just right” regardless of types of rice.

Easy to Use and to Clean

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Like all Zojirushi rice cookers, this one has a removable inner cooking pot that’s nonstick for effortless cleaning. Mastering the menu settings doesn’t take that much either once you test a few batches of different rice. It’s a matter of figuring out the rice and water ratio and how you’d like to have the rice cooked.

Other Features – Zojirushi NS-VGC05 Rice Cooker

LCD and Timer: There is a LCD display and a 24 hour timer in military mode. So if you want to have the rice cooked at 6 p.m., you need to set the timer to be 18:00.

Menu Selections: There are 7 menu options, white rice, mixed rice, sushi rice, porridge, rinse-free rice, cake and quick cooking. I want to point it out that there is no option for brown rice with this rice cooker, but it doesn’t mean you can’t cook brown rice in it. All you need to do is to rinse the brown rice a few times in cold tap water. Let it soak in water for an hour or so. Pour the rice in the inner pot. Add 1/4 to 1/2 additional water to the white rice water line. Select “white rice” on the menu and hit “start”. Play around with the additional water to test the doneness.

Cord: Detachable cord

Color: The rice cooker is beige and resembles most of the micom rice cooker’s fluid and domed design.

Dimensions: 8-3/4 x 10-7/8 x 7-7/8

Accessories: 2 measuring cups (1 for regular rice and 1 for rinse-free rice) and a rice spatula

helpful-tipsHelpful Tips for NS-VGC05 Rice Cooker

  1. Depending on the age of the crop, you may want to adjust the water accordingly. For example, for a new crop of rice, reduce the water slightly from the normal water line. For an old crop, add a bit more water.
  2. Loosen the rice immediately after cooking is done to release excessive moisture resulting in fluffier rice texture.
  3. No baking powder or baking soda should be used when baking a cake as this may cause the cake to rise resulting in malfunction of the rice cooker.

NS-VGC05 3 Cup Rice Cooker Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5A 4.7 out of 5 should speak volume about how well this rice cooker works for most folks, especially when a Japanese mom recommended it to her daughter. The consistent theme from many of the reviews is it is so worth the money. Needless to say that it cooks rice perfectly.

Pros and Cons

ProsIt’s compact in size and stylish in design. It’s very easy to use. It’s a perfect size for 2 people. It does cook brown rice very well even though it is not among the menu options. Baking cakes is just another added-bonus for a rice cooker.

ConsThe battery life for the LCD is about 5 years or so depending on the use. You’ll have to call a Zojirushi service center to have it replaced. I am including a link to Zojirushi’s Service Centers in the U.S. by region..

Price, Warranty and Where to Buy – Zojirushi NS-VGC05 Rice Cooker

The rice cooker comes with a one-year limited warranty. There are several Zojirushi authorized e-commerce stores such as Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond. Please note that the limited warranty is only available for purchases made through Zojirushi authorized retail or online stores.

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