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Zojiurushi NP-NVC10/18 5.5/10 Cup Rice Cooker was released to the mass market on December 6, 2012 during the height of the holiday shopping season. To say this rice cooker is the “top of the line” to Zojirushi’s collections and any other rival brand is such an understatement.

The NP-NVC combines the best of all worlds in existence to date in heating technologies, artificial intelligence, nuanced features to reach the ultimate goal of enjoying rice cooked to perfection no matter how you’d like it. Let’s pull back the curtains and see why this rice cooker deserves all the attention of the rice enthusiasts.

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5.5 and 10 Cups in Dry Rice Capacity


Like many Zojirushi’s rice cookers, this release is in two capacities of 5.5 and 10 cup in dry rice. In case you are not familiar, the ratio between dry and cooked rice is 1 to 2. So the 5.5 and 10 cup will yield 10 and 20 cups in cooked rice respectively. The cup size is slightly smaller than a US standard cup size (6 oz vs 8 oz).

These two sizes address most of the household needs from single, small to large families as each rice cooker also has a minimum amount to cook as 2 cups. So if you don’t have a large gathering, cooking two cups would be enough for the meal and a bit more for leftover.

Heating: Pressure and Induction Heating with Fuzzy Logic and Artificial Intelligence

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Pressure Heating

The excitement of this rice cooker lies in the heart of the heating technologies. It literally features all the bleeding-edge heating elements in one rice cooker. To start off, the rice cooker is equipped with pressurized heating in three different settings of temperature and pressure. To cook sushi rice (firmer than regular white rice), the setting is at 100 C /212 F at 0 psi (pounds per square inch); white rice at 104 C/219 F with 2.1 psi; brown rice at 105 C/221 F at 2.8 psi.

Pressure cooking converts the beta starch into alpha starch which softens the rice and enables easier digestion. The added-benefit of pressure cooking helps rice stay softer longer.

Induction Heating

The induction heating transfers heat via a magnetic field created by coils in the base of the cooker. When the inner pot is placed into the external vessel, the magnetic field is activated and so does the cooking cycle. The induction heating deploys the entire inner cooking pot as a heat conductor instead of just emitting heat from the base. Therefore, the heat is conducted more evenly and more efficiently. The rice is cooked from all sides.

Fuzzy Logic + Artificial Intelligence

If that’s not impressive enough, the cooker is also armed with fuzzy logic and artificial intelligence (AI). The fuzzy logic enables the rice cooker to process information like a human for “if…then” scenarios. For instance, if you cook sushi rice, a set of variables of temperature and cooking time would be called upon which is different if cooking brown rice.

The artificial intelligence (AI) is like adding human memory and ability to infer to the already smart rice cooker. It analyzes the pattern of previous cooking cycle and reapplies the same information to your next cooking to yield consistent result. Another interesting feature of the AI is its ability to adjust the seasonal water and room temperature differences to ensure perfect rice texture and consistency. Two thermometers constantly monitor the temperatures of the exterior and the inner cooking pot and data is collected day after day and re-applied in the cooking and warming processes.



Platinum-Infused Inner Pot

Another brand-new feature is the platinum-infused inner pot. The platinum micro-particles have shown to alkalize water via contact. Alkaline water alters the structure of the rice protein to release the natural sweetness of rice, hence the better tasting rice.

Easy to Use and to Clean

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All Zojirushi rice cookers are designed with the end-user in mind. This new release is no exception. A filter was designed on the inner lid to prevent food particles from being stuck to obstruct the functioning of the pressure valves. Speaking of valves, the pressure is regulated through a pressure control valve. A safety valve is built in as a redundancy measure.  In addition, there is a pressure indicator and whistle that signals if the valves are blocked or need cleaning.

The inner cooking pot and the lid are all removable for easy cleaning. The non-stick pot needs to be cleaned by hand with gentle soap. The stainless steel exterior has a clear-coat to repel dust, oil and fingerprints.

No User Manual is available yet at the time of the review. I’ll update this section in due time.

Other Features

LCD and Timer: The rice cooker has a colored easy-to-read LCD panel with a 24 hour timer set in military mode.



Menu Selection: The menu settings are by far the most comprehensive one to date, including white rice (regular, soft or firm texture), umami, mixed, sushi/sweet rice, porridge, brown, GABA brown, steam-reduce, scorch, rinse-free and quick cooking. The steam-reduce and scorch settings are brand new settings. The steam-reduce setting cuts steam by 50% vs. regular setting. I am speculating the reduced steam will shorten the cooking time, less mess on the inner lid and less energy is consumed. The scorch-setting allows you to brown/toast rice to golden brown which is a handy feature for dishes such as Rice Roni.

Cord: I assume the cord is either removable or detached, but haven’t found any info to confirm yet.

Color: Stainless steel brown

Dimensions (inches for W-D-H):

5.5 cups: 9-7/8 x 14-1/4 x 7-7/8 inches

10 cups: 10-7/8 x 15-5/8 x 9-3/8 inches

Accessories: Two measuring cups (for regular and for rinse-free rice), a rice spatula and a spatula holder

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5.0

Pros and Cons

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  • It offers the best heating technologies to date in this rice cooker – pressure, induction heating with fuzzy logic + artificial intelligence to cook rice to perfection and save you time in programming the setting each time.
  • The platinum micro-particles remove the undesirable smell and taste in tap water and alkaline draws out the sweetness in rice.
  • The built-in filter minimizes the blockage of food particles and ensures the normal function of the pressure valves.
  • The elaborated menu settings take the guesswork of cooking flawless rice for you and cover all your needs with just a push of a button.
  • The delayed timer lets you set the cooking up to 24 hours in advance so you don’t have to wait for rice to be cooked for dinner.
  • The large LCD control panel and the stylish design make it such a kitchen appliance to show off to your friends and family.


  • It’s very expensive.
  • Wish it had a longer warranty period.

Price, Warranty and Where to Buy – Zojirushi NP-NVC10/18

This is by far the most expensive consumer rice cooker by Zojirushi on the market. The price tag is prohibitive for many people.

A one-year limited manufacturer warranty is offered by Zojirushi if bought through authorized dealers such as Amazon. I strongly recommend that you consider buying extended warranties given you would spend a small fortune on the cooker. A 2 or 3-year kitchen appliance protection plan is offered by Canopy on Amazon. You may choose the appropriate amount for the covered value for the 2 or 3 year plan. Trust me, the incremental amount you’d be spending will buy you so much peace of mind down the road.

Should You or Shouldn’t You Buy?

I am not kidding that buying this rice cooker will require you to take out a big chunk of change or a small bank loan. If money is no object for you, then splurge on this rice cooker to indulge yourself in the best that the market has to offer. Another pre-requisite is that you should be able to discern the subtle differences in best cooked rice vs. well-cooked rice.

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