Zojirushi NP-HTC10 5.5 Cup Rice Cooker Review



Zojirushi NP-HTC10 5.5 Cup Rice Cooker is undoubtedly the crème de la crème in Zojirushi’s rice cooker collections and that of the entire rice cooker market.

This rice cooker is equipped with the best of all worlds in heating technologies: Micro-computerized chip, fuzzy logic, induction and pressure heating. Talk about on the bleeding-edge of design and engineering! Go ahead and give yourself permission to become the ultimate Rice Nazi (with a smile).

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Capacity | Heating Technology | Easy to Use | Other Features | Helpful Tips | Customer Reviews | Pros and Cons | Price, Warranty and Where to Buy

5.5 or 10 Cups Capacity


NP-HTC series come with two sizes, the NP-HTC10 for 5.5 cups and NP-HTC18 for 10 cups measured in dry rice. The two sizes pretty much cover most of the household needs from small to large families. Generally speaking, each rice cooker is designed with a minimum and maximum capacity size. It’s recommended that you cook 2 cups of dry rice to get the best result. Even though 2 cups may be a bit much for one person after cooking (yield 4 cups), but rice can be kept fresh for a week in the fridge without any problem.

Heating: Micro-Computer + Fuzzy Logic + Induction + Pressure

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The beauty of this rice cooker is in the heart of the heating technology. Here you can enjoy all the benefits of micro-computer chip, fuzzy logic, induction and pressure heating.

Let me break this down for you one by one. In a layman’s term, the computerized chip is the artificial intelligence in the rice cooker with basic parameters such as 1 cup of dry rice with x cups of water based on the types of grains and the quantity.

The Fuzzy Logic acts like a “human” to decide “if…then” scenario. If I cook white rice, the rice cooker knows what’s the optimal temperature, when to heat up the cooker, when to shut off and for precisely how long for each activity.

The induction heating uses the entire inner pot as a heat conductor instead of just the bottom heat from the heating plate. With the even heating distribution, the rice is cooked better and tastier.

The pressure heating cooks the rice at a higher temperature at a faster speed. By doing so, it alters the structure of the starch to make it easier for digestion and more nutritious (not sure if this is substantiated scientifically). The rice gets cooked faster with fluffier texture.

The rice cooker has three pressure levels based on what you are cooking. The adjustment will be made automatically when you choose a menu setting. The lower pressure and lower temperature will be used to cook “firmer” rice and the opposite will produce softer rice. For example, to cook sushi rice, the temperature is set at 212 degrees F, whereas white rice at 219 F and brown rice at 221 F. In case you are not aware, sushi rice needs to be firmer than regular white rice.

The NP-HTC10 also has a pressure control value backed up with a safety value = double safety. This value locks up the lid during the pressure cooking so no steam will escape nor will the cooker explode.

The inner cooking pot is also vacuum sealed with an inner layer of aluminum and an outer layer made of stainless steel. The feature has two key benefits:

  1. It distributes heat very efficiently without any heat/steam escaped from the cooker.
  2. It helps keep the rice at a perfect warm temperature without drying before serving. It’s hard to achieve this with a cheap rice cooker.

Easy and Breezy to Use and to Clean

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Using the rice cooker boils down to geting familiar with the buttons on the LCD control panel and experimenting with a few test runs with your favorite types of rice and dishes.

The rice cooker is designed with a few removable parts for easy cleaning such as the inner lid, the inner cooking pot and the steam vent. Clean all of them after each use with some warm water and soap. Don’t use any harsh soap or a scratch pad.

Other Features – NP-HTC10 and NP-HTC18

LCD and Timer: The LCD display panel is in an orange color and easy to read. The timer is for you to pre-set cooking time hours in advance so you don’t have to arrive home and wait for the rice to be cooked. A few minutes planning in the morning before you get out the door will save you an hour or two in the evening. So take advantage of this feature.

Menu Selections: Choose from many options in the menu setting: white (regular, softer, or harder), mixed, sushi, porridge, sweet, brown, GABA brown, rinse-free, and quick cooking.

Cord: No removable or detachable power chord

Color: Stainless brown

Dimensions (inches):

  • 9-7/8 x 14-1/4 x 7-7/8 for NP-HTC10 5.5 cups
  • 10-7/8 x 15-5/8 x 9-3/8  for NP-HTC18 10 cups


  • Pressure-control valve
  • Spatula & spatula holder
  • 2 measuring cups

helpful-tipsHelpful Tips

  1. Try to cook Spanish rice in this cooker to break up the monotony of white or brown rice. I wrote a post on how to cook Spanish rice in a rice cooker. Here is how.
  2. Add a bit less water if you’d like the rice to be more on the al dente side.
  3. Cook a batch of brown rice. Mix with diced fresh vegetables and dressing for a healthy and refreshing summer salad.

Customer Reviews on NP-HTC Rice Cooker

4.4 out of 5The enthusiasm in the reviewers’ writing was palpable and “audible” about how much they loved and were proud of owning the rice cooker. One review commented that this rice cooker produced better rice than a majority of the restaurants.

Pros and Cons

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ProsIt has the most cutting-edge technologies in the rice cooker. Perfect rice without any brain damage each and every time. The competitive edge it has is the meticulously engineering design in the details such as the double-layered insulation in the rice cooker for better heat distribution and energy efficiency and the varying pressure levels for different rice textures. It is built with quality, aesthetics and convenience features to amaze.

ConsIt takes longer to cook rice, especially brown rice and alike. Make sure you leverage the Delayed Timer feature to set it up for cooking while you are busy with other things.

Price, Warranty and Where to Buy – HP-HTC10/18 Rice Cooker

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Standard 1-year warranty, nothing special. 

Pricy! You could have bought 10 cheap rice cookers with the money. Then again, like one customer said he could have bought 16 x 20lbs bags of rice, but chose to buy 1 bag of rice and enjoyed it like never before. If you are in the position to spend this much on a rice cooker, by all means. You won’t be disappointed. If all else fails, you’ll earn a bragging right to have owned a top-of-the-line rice cooker.

When I did a brief search in Google, the price was all over the place from store to store. For example, Target had it about $100 more than on Amazon.

For current price on Amazon, please click on the button below:

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  1. Ken says:

    Thanks for this review of the NP-HTC.

    I see, so IH pressure rice cookers still takes longer than conventional. I’ve been trying to find the the answer to this and luckily I came to your site. Thank you! :)

    Your excellent review has now made me wanting to get an IH pressure rice cooker… Now to decide whether to get this Zojirushi NP-HTC or Korean’s Cuckoo CRP-HW1087F. Just need to find a proper review (similar to yours) of the Cuckoo.

    • Rice Queen says:


      Thanks for stopping by. Glad you’ve found the review helpful. I haven’t had a chance to review any of the Cuckoo models. Are you sold on the CRP-HW1087 model as I didn’t find it on Amazon. If you are open to other comparable Cuckoo models, I can definitely do a review on a bestseller to compare it with the Zojirushi NP-HTC one. Better yet, if you can provide me with your detailed search criteria, I might be able to point you to the right direction.


      • Ken says:

        Hi Lei,

        Thanks for reminding me to check out similar models for the Cuckoo which led me to an excellent review of the CRP-HN1059F on Amazon.

        I’m sold on the Cuckoo brand and I’ll be getting the CRP-HW1087 model since that is the only one that is fully English (voice, LED and buttons).

        I’ve also fallen for the marketing of the diamond coated inner bowl. I remember reading that the specks of diamond helps promote micro bubbles or something for even heat distribution. I can’t find where I read or watched about this but it was from light research I did straight after I saw a youtube cooking video and the lady used her Panasonic SR-SX102.

        Now to place my order :)



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