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Zojirushi wishes everyone a Happy New Year 2013 with a brand new rice cooker, Zojirushi NL-AAC10/18 (5.5 and 10 cups of uncooked rice).

As the newest addition to the fuzzy logic collection, the NL-AAC10/18 is featured with a steaming capability to cook multiple dishes at the same time in one cooker. If you are in a pinch for time and for efficiency in the kitchen, add this new cooker to your Wish List.

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5.5 and 10 Cups in Dry Rice Capacity


Following the consistent capacity size, the NL-AAC offers two different sizes of 5.5 and 10 cups in dry rice.

When rice is cooked, it doubles the volume. So the 5.5 and 10 cup will yield about 10 and 20 cups cooked rice. Mind you the cup size is a tad smaller than the standard U.S. cup size (6 oz. vs. 8 oz).

NL-AAC10 is an excellent size for singles up to medium sized families while the NL-AAC18 serves the need of large families. In case you are not aware, for each rice cooker, there is also a minimum size. For example, the NL-AAC18 can be used for cooking 2 cups of dry rice for smaller-sized families. When you have company, cook as many as 10 cups. When in doubt, I always advise people to get a size up as you never know when you might need to cook for a larger crowd.

Heating: Fuzzy Logic

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This rice cooker is equipped with the best performing heating technology called Fuzzy Logic. What it means is that the rice cooker can “think” on its own feet to come up with different variables of cooking time and temperature so you will get consistent and perfectly cooked rice every time. For instance, if you are cooking brown rice, the cooker knows to cook it a bit longer and variate the cooking temperature thanks to the pre-programming.

Easy to Use and to Clean

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Using this rice cooker is no different than any other rice cooker. First get familiar with the Control Panel where multiple cooking settings are designed. Each Zojirushi rice cooker comes with a detailed Instruction Manual along with some common rice recipes.

The inner cooking pot is non-stick for easy cleaning. The inner lid is also removable for the same purpose. Always clean the pot and the lid by hand with mild soap so nothing gets scratched.

Other Features

LCD and Timer: The easy-to-read LCD is equipped with a 24-hour timer. You may program the rice cooker to cook at a pre-defined time. For example, if you are planning to have Asian style dinner tonight, you might get the rice ready to cook at 5 p.m. before leaving home in the morning. This will save you at least an hour or so of cooking time when you get home from work. All you need to do is to make a quick stir-fry dish with meat and vegetables. Then dinner is served!

Menu Selection: There are seven designated menu options, including, white/sushi (doubled up as one for sushi), mixed, porridge (also for oatmeal), sweet, brown, steam and quick cooking. Quick cooking cuts down the cooking time a little bit, but it compromises on the quality of the output somewhat. If you can manage it, I would avoid using “quick cook” option.

The steaming setting can be used alone or with cooking rice at the same time. If multi-tasking, it may take longer to cook both the rice and the steamed dish. Another thing is that the steamer is not that big. You’ll have to cut up the meat and vegetables to smaller pieces to reduce the cooking time.

Cord: The power cord is detachable for easy and neat storage after each use.

Color: Beige

Dimensions (inches for W-D-H):

5.5 cups: 10-1/2 x 14-5/8 x 8-5/8 inches

10 cups: 11-7/8 x 15-3/4 x 10 inches

Accessories: A steaming basket, a measuring cup, a rice spatula and a spatula holder are included in the rice cooker.

Customer Reviews

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Pros and Cons

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  • With a steaming basket and setting, you can cook rice and a dish at the same time to save time, effort and energy cost.
  • The timer lets you plan your dinner ahead so you don’t have to rush home from work scrambling to get dinner on the table.
  • Fuzzy logic enables you to cook all sorts of rice with consistent results.
  • The pre-set menu options take the guesswork out of cooking perfect rice.
  • The non-stick inner pot and the removable inner lid make it effortless to clean the cooker.


  • It’s slightly more expensive than the other fuzzy logic rice cookers within Zojirushi’s collection due to the steaming option.

Price, Warranty and Where to Buy – Zojirushi NL-AAC10/18

As an authorized retailer, Amazon carries both the NL-AAC10 (5.5 cup) and NL-AAC18 (10 cup).

A standard one-year factory limited warranty is offered to all Zojirushi rice cookers. Zojirushi, as one of the best known rice cooker brands, stands behind its products and services. I was very impressed with the knowledge of the Customer Service Representative when I called.

Should You or Shouldn’t You Buy?

If you are still struggling cooking flawless rice on a stove-top, maybe 2013 is the year for you to test-drive a cutting-edge rice cooker. Zojirushi is the “kahuna” in the rice cooker market in the world. Once you try it out, you will never go back to cooking rice in a saucepan again.

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