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VitaClay VM7900-6 Multi-Cooker is the brainchild of ancient Chinese trade secret meeting modern technology. The unique feature of this cooker is the use of Zisha clay in the inner cooking pot, which offers a great healthy alternative to the Teflon-coated non-stick material in many of the rice and slow cookers.

Another selling point is that this multi-cooker cuts down the cooking time by as much as 50% and save the same amount of energy due to the shorter cooking time. 

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6 Cup of Dry Rice Capacity


The VitaClay multi-cooker has a 6-cup of dry rice capacity or 3.2 quart for slow cooking. White rice doubles upon cooking yielding 12 cups. This size will be perfect for small to mid-sized families. If you are into slow cooking and freezing up what you can’t use in one meal, then this size doesn’t seem too big for singles.

Heating: Digital and Programmable

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This multi-cooker applies the digital heating technology with pre-prorgrammed cooking methods for different types of meals and foods. You can pre-set the timer up to 5 hours ahead of time to cook rice or soup while you are out and about. No supervision is required.

The clay inner pot is made of special clay called Zisha (purple sand in Chinese). Zisha is a mixture of kaolin, quartz and mica with a sandy texture. Teaware made of Zisha has been treasured and prized by tea connoisseurs for centuries in China. Zealous tea enthusiasts only use one teapot for one type of tea and don’t want to cross-“contaminate” the flavors from one type of tea to another. And they’d never wash the Zisha clay teapot with detergent for preserving the unique property of the clay.

Due to its unglazed and slightly porous surface, it absorbs traces and original flavors from food and the liquid. It’s free of potentially harmful non-stick coating and full of natural minerals from the clay. The clay enhances the natural flavor and texture of food without the need for heavy seasoning and fat to make the food taste good. So it’s very conducive to low fat diets.

Easy to Use and to Clean

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This is like many other rice cookers or slow cookers on the market. As soon as you familiarize yourself with the control panel and the menu options, all it takes is to press a few buttons after adding all the ingredients.

Cleaning does take a bit special care though. You need to wait till the inner pot is completely cool before washing it. Otherwise, the pot will crack. If you take the inner pot out of the cooker to cool, make sure it’s not placed on a very cold surface for the same potential damage as soaking it in cold water. Once it’s cool, clean it with some dish detergent and rinse it out thoroughly. 

Other Features – VM7900-6 Multi-Cooker

LCD and Timer: There is a 24 hour timer and a good size LCD to choose the menu options.

Menu Selections: This multi-cooker has menu settings for white, brown and sweet rice; stew and soup which can be used for cooking beans soup, porridge, hot cereal and oatmeal.

Cord: Regular power cord

Color: Stainless steel with black

Dimensions (inches for W-D-H): 13 x 9.5 x 10

Accessories: N/A

helpful-tipsHelpful Tips

  1. Make a pot of chicken soup using this pot by having a whole organic chicken, some Chinese ginseng root, Chinese Shaoxing cooking wine, a few dried dates. Cook for a couple of hours and add salt and pepper to taste. I bet this is going to be the most delicious chicken broth you’ve tasted. Savor the subtle taste from the natural flavor.
  2. I’d avoid using soup to clean this pot whenever possible so the unwanted smell from the soup won’t be absorbed by the pot.

Customer Reviews

3.8 out of 5There seems to have a love or hate relationship with some of the customers. Those who loved the clay pot as such a creative alternative to the aluminum coated non-stick cookware. They also liked the speed of cooking and the flavor it produces in rice, beans, soups and stews.

On the other hand, the other camp commented about the less than satisfactory customer services and non-responsiveness. Granted some of the negative reviews were dated as far back as 2009. I hope VitaClay has since taken necessary measures to improve its customer care. Overall it received a 3.8 out of 5 star rating across the board.

Pros and Cons

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ProsThe inner cooking pot is made of natural clay that’s unglazed and unprocessed. Its porous surface helps absorb the moisture and retains heat. Food tastes better because there is no metallic after-taste from the metal material. Slow cooking is twice as fast due to its rapid rise to a boiling point. Hence the energy use is reduced by up to 50%.

ConsThe clay pot is not as indestructible as the non-stick or stainless steel. It takes more mindfulness not to dip it in cold water while it’s hot to cause it to crack. One customer reported some cheap heating element when he took everything apart. I’d advise you use your own judgment as there is no hard evidence to prove right or wrong.

In case the inner pot is broken or cracked,  you can order a replacement pot from VitaClay’s website. It costs about $25 plus shipping and handling fee.

Price, Warranty and Where to Buy – VitaClay Multi-Cooker

The VM7900-6 is priced at low to mid-point range for the comparable types of cooker. There is a one-year limited warranty.

You can buy this multi-cooker on Amazon and a few other online retail outlets. The prices are within a few dollars’ difference. It’s a matter of where you’d trust and feel comfortable in shopping.

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