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Tiger, as a rice cooker brand may not be as glamorous as other Japanese counterparts, yet the rice cookers are consistently rated with 4.5 or greater star ratings by consumers. This Tiger JNP-1800 10 Cup Rice Cooker follows the same footstep as many other Tiger rice cookers in cooking perfect rice without a whole of effort.

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10 Cups of Dry Rice Capacity


The JNP series consists of multiple sizes from 3 cups all the way to 10 cups as in this JNP-1800. This is a great size for large families as the 10-cup in dry rice yields 20 cups in cooked rice. Unless rice is your star dish, there is plenty to feed 6-8 people. 

Heating: Conventional

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This rice cooker doesn’t have any fancy heating technologies such as fuzzy logic or induction heating. It is equipped with the tried-and-true conventional heating element on the bottom of the external vessel. The good news is that there is hardly anything that could go wrong with this simple operation.

Easy to Use and to Clean

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Measure dry rice, add water according to the fill line in the inner pot, plug the cooker in the electric socket and turn on the “cook” lever. It can’t get any easier than this.

Cleaning is no more than washing the inner pot with warm soapy water and cleaning the steam vent, the inner lid and the heating plate (if needed) and the condensation collector.

Other Features

LCD and Timer: N/A

Menu Selections: No refined menu selections are available with this model. To cook different types of rice, you’ll have to adjust the water level to get the most desired texture. For example, you’d need to add about 1/4 water if cooking brown rice vs. white rice.

This rice cooker does have an automatic keep-warm function that keeps rice warm up to 12 hours.

Cord: A retractable cord is supplied with this rice cooker to keep your kitchen counter free of clutter.

Color: White with flower prints

Dimensions (inches for W-D-H): 11.77 x 10.98 x 11.77

Accessories: A measuring cup and a serving spatula in addition to a recipe booklet.

helpful-tipsHelpful Tips

  1. After the cooking is done, leave the rice in the cooker for an extra 15 minutes to maximize the rest of the steaming cycle for best result.
  2. Loosen the cooked rice with a rice spatula to distribute the moisture in the pot.
  3. When using it for cooking rice porridge, don’t keep it on “warm” for too long as the rice will get mushy.

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5.0

Pros and Cons

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ProsAs a large size as this rice cooker, it is very efficient in energy consumption. It consumes 650 watts per cooking hour and 36 watts for keeping warm. The “keep warm” feature works like a charm for as long as two days (per one customer) without drying the rice on the bottom. Made in Japan ensures the highest quality standard and material. This rice cooker will last for many years to come and would be a wonderful choice for those who eat rice multiple times a day. It’s very simple to use and easy to clean. Rice cooked this rice cooker tastes like what good rice is supposed to.

ConsIf you use broth instead of plain water, it may cause a little bit browning in the bottom.

Price, Warranty and Where to Buy – Tiger JNP-1800

This Tiger JNP-1800 is priced at mid-price in the rice cooker market. As much as it is not the cheapest, it will outlast many with the durability and quality.

A one-year manufacturer limited warranty comes with the rice cooker. The best place is to buy this rice cooker is at Amazon. Besides the 10-cup size, Amazon also carries four other sizes (3 cups, 4 cups, 5.5 cups and 8 cups) in the series.


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