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If you cherish the age-old tradition and the simplicity of cookware, then the Carbon Steel Hand-Hammered 14-inch Wok awaits you. It’s light, yet sturdy; simple yet highly functional. Treat it with good care and it will serve you for many years to come.

It seems that life goes in circles. It started off with simple and primitive utensils for the kitchen. For a Chinese family, the basic essentials are a carbon steel wok, a metal spatula (“chan” in Mandarin Chinese), and a good size cleaver. That was all. I laugh at the endless inventions we have access to. There is a tool for everything, but is it really necessary? Enough of my muse on the kitchen tools.

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Capacity: 14″ in Diameter


This hand-hammer wok is perfect for household use, not too big to carry it, not too small that you’ll have to cook multiple batches of food to feed a large family. It’s just the right size to stir up a “storm” and the delicious goodness with meats and vegetables.

Heating: Warm to High Heat

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Handmade of carbon steel, this wok can stand up to flaming high heat. Unfortunately, most kitchens in the U.S. don’t have open burners that spew up thousands of BTUs as you’ve seen in a professional kitchen. The beauty of carbon steel is in the property of responsiveness to drastic temperature change on the burner. So you can whip up a stir-fry dish in a few short minutes.

The carbon steel is also known for its uniform heat distribution and heat retention so you can save electricity within a shorter cooking time.

This wok has a round bottom as the authentic Chinese woks are. To make it compatible to most American kitchens, it comes with a wok ring that stabilizes the wok on a flat cook top. It is designed to wok for all cook tops, but given the nature of Chinese cooking, it’s definitely better if you have a gas stove.


This wok works with full range of temperatures from warm to high heat.

Easy to Use and to Clean

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The labor of love starts with preparing the wok before the first use. The preparation process is referred to as “seasoning”. There are different seasoning methods. The one demonstrated by Wok Shop, the merchant for this wok is very informative and easy to follow as these steps: (Credit: The Wok Shop YouTube Video)

  1. Wash it with hot water and a bit dish soap over the sink
  2. Dry the wok with a kitchen rag or a paper towel
  3. Pour a little bit cooking oil and coat the wok with a paper towel inside and outside (option for the outside)
  4. Bake the “greased” wok in the oven at 425 degrees F upside down for 20 minutes
  5. Remove the wok with an oven mitt
  6. Stir fry some Chinese chives with a tablespoon of cooking oil until they are charred to remove any metallic taste. If you can’t find Chinese chives, substitute it with scallions, green onions, ginger or garlic until charred.
  7. Toss the charred chives out and wipe the wok clean ready for your use

After the seasoning process, the wok will have a deep coppery color with a thin layer of patina (a sheen from oxidation). Like wine and cheese, this wok will age better with time and use.

In between uses, you may want to keep up the seasoning process by cleaning and drying the wok. Then place the wok over medium heat on your burner with a tiny bit cooking oil. Coat the wok with a paper towel for your next use.

Other Features

Color: Steel

Dimensions (inches): 14 inches in diameter

Accessories: A wok ring

Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5There was no shortage of high praises for this wok. Customers were so pleased with this wok for its great performance that many gifted it to others on special occasions.

Pros and Cons

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ProsIt’s beautiful with the hand-hammered style. It’s authentic in every way from the material, to the shape, the delicious food it cooks and the care for the wok. The hammered texture also helps keeping the cooked food on the sides without sliding easily to the bottom of the wok. The handles are welded into the wok to ensure durability and stability. The wok ring provides such a stability for the wok to stay on a flat cook top surface although one customer reported no need for the ring on a gas stove.

ConsThe round bottom doesn’t get enough heat from an electric stove top. It takes more time to care for the wok in between uses.

Price, Warranty and Where to Buy – The Wok Shop 14-Inch Wok

Amazon carries over a hundred products from the merchant, The Wok Shop. Not only can you buy this wok, but also get a wok chuan (spatula) specifically designed for this wok and a cleaning whisk as well.

There is no warranty information available on either Amazon or the Wok Shop. I doubt it will have a warranty given it’s so affordable. You can practically afford to buy one every year at this price.

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