The Hottest Rice Cooker for Christmas 2012

I am quite sure many of you have friends who love to cook and to entertain. For those folks, getting them a new cookware that’s not yet in their kitchen arsenal is a smart move on your part. If they don’t own a rice cooker, add this hottest rice cooker for Christmas 2012 to your shopping list.



Panasonic is one of the major players on the scene of consumer electronics and kitchen appliances. In celebrating this Christmas, Panasonic just released a brand spanking new rice cooker that’s going to cannibalize the market share from a few leading players. It’s Panasonic SR-DF101 (5 cups) or SR-DF181 (10 cups) Rice Cooker.

While there aren’t any actual consumer reviews due to the recency of the product, my observation is that it cherry-picked the best elements an exceptional rice cooker should have.

Intuitive One-Button Operation

What really differentiates this rice cooker from many others on the market is the “usability”. Contrary to the complicated menu options and buttons in many rice cookers, this model makes it as intuitive as can be. Even a three-old kid could use the rice cooker. Four distinct buttons are laid out on the upper part of the control panel. They are: A: Quick Cook/Steam; B:White Rice; C:Brown Rice; D:Porridge/Soup. To cook a pot of rice or soup, all you need to do is to measure and add the ingredients, pour some water or another liquid. Close the lid and push ONE button. That’s it.

Most Common Menu Options

The next improvement is the elimination of those “never-used” menu options. You know how we’d like to as many as possible just about anything. But too many of the good things could overwhelm us, especially when it comes to appliances and technologies. This rice cooker made a decision for us. It’s designed with only the mostly common used settings for white, brown rice, porridge (used by many Asians)/soup or quick cook (to cut down the cooking time) and steam.

Fuzzy Logic to Cook Everything Perfectly

Fuzzy logic is the talk of the market place. A simple rice cooker is armed with human-like intel to do a perfect job whether you give it a pat on the back or not. Regardless what you cook, rice, one-pot meals or soups, the rice cooker will do an outstanding job with the appropriate temperature and the right cooking time.

Cut-Throat Pricing Strategy

The winning strategy on Panasonic’s part is the extremely competitive pricing on these two rice cookers. They are priced at 50% of the comparable rice cooker such as Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 and 18 rice cookers. The Panasonic SR-DF101 and 181 are under $100 with the above distinct features. As a matter of fact, they are about 30% cheaper than the Panasonic SR-MS103 and 183 rice cookers.

Having less expensive price tags is one way to take a lion share of the rice cooker market during the 2012 Christmas. But coupling it with unique features is a sure win.

Parting Thought – Don’t Wait Till the Last Minute

So if you are struggling to come up with a new gift idea for you food-aficionado friend, don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity. By the way, I spoke with the Customer Service Rep at Panasonic yesterday, he told me that the rice cooker was flying off the shelf. When I checked this morning, Amazon had both the 5 cups and 10 cups model available at about $15 cheaper each than the price at Panasonic website.


  1. Xin says:

    Thank you so much for the recommendation! I almost pulled the trigger on more expensive models before I saw your site. I bought the SR-DF181 for my Asian mom and the brown rice came out great. You’re right, Panasonic picked out the best features and left out all the other distracting features to provide consumers with a quality cooker at a low cost. Mom is happy = I’m happy. Thank you sacredrice!

    • Rice Queen says:


      Glad the information was helpful for you to make a wise buying decision and your Mom is happy. Appreciate you took the time to share your positive experience. Happy Holidays to you and your family!



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