What’s the Best Cooker for Lentils, Beans, Rice and Soup?

Last week a visitor to my website emailed me with a great question, i.e. what’s the best cooker to cook lentils, chickpeas, beans, rice, oatmeal, soup and steam vegetables? I was stunned by the question first and thought long and hard about my recommendation. The site visitor bought a high-end Japanese rice cooker and realized that it wasn’t designed for legumes and soups specifically. He was looking for a suggestion on another rice cooker hoping it might meet all his needs.

Is a Rice Cooker Designed for Cooking Legumes and Soups?

My initial reaction was to advise against getting another rice cooker although a rice cooker could be used for cooking beans, lentils and soups. But it would take way too long to cook and may not be the best use. I thought a stovetop pressure cooker might be a better choice but not everyone feels comfortable in using a pressure cooker. Then I came up with a better idea on an electric pressure cooker that could “kill many birds” with one stone, very efficiently in time and in energy consumption.

Instant Pot

The product I had in mind was Instant Pot IP-LUX60 6-in-1 Pressure Cooker. This cooker was designed and marketed by a Canadian cookware company called Instant Pot.

There are two different sizes, 5.28 and 6.33 quart to be exact which converts to 21.1 and 25.3 cups respectively. Don’t be alarmed by the seemingly large sizes as you can’t use 100% capacity of a pressure cooker due to the head space required to build up pressure. It’s more so when cooking legumes and rice alike as these types of grain expand during cooking.

Six Cookers in One

The IP-LUX60 combines the functions of six cookers in one: a pressure cooker, sauté/browning, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer and warmer.

The beauty of the cooker is that it has 10 built-in programs that allow you to cook all sorts of dishes with a push of a button. With this pressure cooker, you don’t have to babysit it the entire time. In fact, you can program the cooking ahead of time using the 24-hour timer. Who wouldn’t want to save an hour or two in the kitchen with everyone’s hectic schedule these days?

Stainless Steel Inner Pot

Unlike many other electric pressure cookers on the market, this one has a stainless steel inner cooking pot that’s durable and easy to clean, free from Teflon-coating which may potentially cause health concerns if the coating material is decomposed at high temperature.

Reduce Cooking Time up to 70%

Did I mention that it cuts down cooking time as much as 70% as compared to a conventional cooking method while retaining more nutrients and vitamins?

If you are a vegan or just simply consume a lot of rice and beans in your diet, this is a great cooker to consider. Think about the money you could save by buying this one instead of six cookers? What about the storage space saved?

Curious about the 10 built-in programs in this IP-LUX? Read the detailed review.

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