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Staub is another cookware brand name that is herald by top chefs around the world for its design, craftsmanship and superior performance. This Staub Cast-Iron 14-Inch Work is just one of the many examples in the Staub collection. This wok combines elegance with quality and it’s one of a kind piece to add to your heirloom kitchen cookware.

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Capacity: 14 Inches in Diameter and 7 Quarts


Measured as 14 inches in diameter, the Staub wok has an interior depth just a bit shy of 4 inches. Whether you’d use it for Asian cuisines or simply braise a cheaper cut of meat or simmer a pot of garden vegetable soup, this wok offers 7 quarts of capacity for you to showcase your culinary skills. It’s big enough to feed a large family or cook more to save the leftover for another day.

Heating: Up to 500 Degrees F

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Staub is another world renowned brand based in Alsace region of France. The region is famous for hearty one-pot meal recipes as well as enameled ceramics.

The reputation of Staub’s cookware and dinnerware is built on the world-class design, painstaking manufacturing process and several iterations of quality inspection.

Staub’s Manufacturing Process

Allow me to share a bird-eye-view of the manufacturing process so you may gain an appreciation of how the cast-iron cookware is made. The first step starts with computer-aided design work for the cookware, the shape, the structure, the dimensions, the functionality and so on.

Then the melted iron is poured into the mold for the cookware followed by sanding and shot-blasting to remove any rough edges and impurities.

The piece is ready for enameling. The enameling consists of 2 to 3 layers of coating from inside out starting with the base coat and ending with the vibrant exterior color coat.

The enameled piece will be fired in 1400 degrees F or 800 degrees C for an hour.

The final inspection takes place before it is packaged for shipping to the warehouse.

Flat Bottom and High Heat

The bottom of the wok is flat and made of ceramics so it is suitable for all types of cooktops, including induction heating. The ceramic base will never warp over long periods of use.

The wok can withstand heat up to 500 degrees F. The cast-iron handles and stainless knob on the glass lid are all made of top quality materials.

The inside of the wok is coated with durable black matte enamel that doesn’t require seasoning. In fact, the longer you use the wok, the more seasoned it becomes because the seasoning such as cooking oil penetrates into the pores to create a non-stick surface. It is also resistant to chipping.

Since cast-iron takes longer to heat up, it distributes heat evenly in the wok, all the way to the sides. The heat is retained very well after you turn the burner off.  This wok performs the best on low to medium heat.   

Easy to Use and to Clean

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Use this wok is not that much different than using a frying pan except for the generous size of the wok to stir and toss the food. Use silicone or wooden spatula to cook to preserve the cooking surface.

Hand-washing is recommended with mild soap and kitchen rag. 

Other Features – Model #1313923

Color: Black

Dimensions (inches): 14 inches in diameters, 3 3/4 inches in the interior depth; 14.3 pounds

Accessories: A lid and a rack are included.

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5This Staub wok earned a 4.7 out of 5 ratings by customers. People loved the generous size of the wok to cook enough for their families or save the left-over for the week. It’s easier to clean than a classic cast-iron wok. No seasoning is required. You can use the wok immediately upon receiving and cleaning it.

Pros and Cons

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ProsThe wok is made by Staub, one of the names in the world in cast-iron cookware. The wok is made to last for a lifetime or two. You can expect to pass it on to the next generation. The design and manufacturing process represent Staub’s commitment to quality and durability.

ConsIt’s heavy with 14.3 pounds. It will be awful hard to flip the wok single-handedly. It’s expensive but it’s guaranteed for life.

Price, Warranty and Where to Buy – All-Clad Stainless Steel Open Stir Fry

Lifetime factory limited warranty is a real testimony that Staub stands behind its products. As usual, the wok is sold through multiple stores such as Amazon and Chefs Ansenal. Make sure you check out the total price as some would add Tax, Shipping and Handling charges to the base price.

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