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Sanyo ECJ-HC100S 10 Cup Rice Cooker is a serious contender to the much acclaimed Zojirushi rice cookers in Japan and around the world. The competitive edge that this Sanyo rice cooker has over many others is that it combines three cookers into one: a rice cooker, a steamer as well as a slow cooker. The 10-cup capacity can feed a big family. If rice is a staple in your life, why not take the guesswork out of cooking perfect rice?

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Sanyo ECJ-HC100S Capacity

This rice cooker is the largest in capacity for household use. It’s enough to feed 6 to 8 people. The 10-cup capacity is measured by uncooked rice. The rice will double after cooking, so a 10-cup will turn into a 20-cup cooked rice. Personally I cook a bit more than one meal for my family, but not much more. You want to eat freshly cooked rice as much as possible instead of the old/stale rice.

Heating Technology in Sanyo ECJ-HC100S

Sanyo ECJ-HC100S is one in the series of micro-computerized rice cookers where a computer chip controls how long the rice is cooked and at what temperature.

There are two inner pots that come with the rice cooker. One is for cooking rice and the other for cooking non-rice types of dishes such as pot roast, soups and stews. The inner pots are coated with 3mm titanium to prevent the rice and the meal from sticking.

Easy to Use

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If you are used to how a slow-cooker works, you shouldn’t have problem grasping how the Sanyo rice cooker functions. Measure rice, add water to the designated water line in the inner pot, select the menu option, that’s it. It takes all the hassles out of cooking a pot of delicious rice. The best part is that the rice is always cooked to perfection no matter what. Clean the pot is a no brainer. Soak the pot with some water, use a dish rag with a bit of dish soup, rinse it with water, let it dry on the dish rack and then store it away.

Other Features – Sanyo ECJ-HC100S

LCD and Timer: The LCD display is easy to read. The timer is set in 12 hours with AM and PM.

Menu Selections: This Sanyo rice cooker has seven settings for cooking different rice/tofu: white/or mixed rice, brown rice, sushi rice, haiga rice (a type of Japanese short-grain rice), porridge, tofu and quick cooking. You can also choose how soft or firm in texture you’d like from the menu on the left (regular, firm or soft).

In addition, there are two other buttons for cooking as a slow cooker in low or high temperature.

Cord: The cord is retractable so you can tidy up the kitchen counter after cooking.

Color: The ECJ-HC100S line comes with white color, which is non-intrusive to any kitchen color or decor.

Dimensions: The rice cooker is measured approximately 14 by 11 by 10 inches. Many people leave the rice cooker on the counter all the time as they cook rice every day.

Accessories: Includes tofu container, steaming tray, measuring cup, spatula, and 16 original recipes by Martin Yan.

helpful-tipsHelpful Tips for Sanyo ECJ-HC100S

  1. Use cold water to rinse the rice a few times until the water comes out clear before cooking.
  2. “Keep Warm” function is only good for white rice as other types of rice may develop an odor and the color of rice may turn yellow.
  3. Season your ingredients before cooking to get a better tasting meal.
  4. 1 hour of cooking on high = 2.5 hours on low temperature. If you cook a pot roast or a stew, it’s better to use Slow Cook Low.
  5. Don’t use Slow Cook function for reheating.
  6. The vegetable steam tray is perfect for cooking hard-boiled eggs in the cooker.
  7. Keep track of which inner pot is for rice and which one is for stew so the rice won’t get aroma from other dishes.

Sanyo ECJ-HC100S Customer Reviews

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Since this rice cooker has been on the market for a while, it has become one of the beloved rice cookers by many people. The overall response from the customers is overwhelmingly positive.

4.5 out of 5

The words people used were “worth every penny”. It’s a perfect kitchen appliance for those who eat rice regularly, especially cook brown rice more so than white rice. Other customers commented about how this rice/slow cooker became their go-to cooker for many meals from steel cut oats for breakfast to a beef stew for dinner. It doesn’t take much skill to cook a pot of perfect rice or a hearty soup. This can be done while you are busy at work or enjoying other aspects of your life.

One consistent feedback I’ve read is the User Manual is not translated very well. I read the Instructions myself and I didn’t find it hard to understand. The rice cooker is not that complicated. I suggest that you give it a try a few times. I am sure you’ll master it very quickly. The important thing is measuring the rice precisely using the cup with the rice cooker, and add water per the water line in the inner pot.

Pros and Cons

ProsWith cheaper price comparing to other top brands of rice cookers, Sanyo ECJ-HC100S rice cooker offers more functions than just cooking rice. The steamer can be programmed for up to 58 minutes for steaming vegetables and cooking hard boiled eggs. I was pleasantly surprised that the rice cooker can make home-made tofu from scratch using the tofu container included in the rice cooker. Just to be clear, this is not to cook tofu, but to make tofu from soy milk. If you are busy or don’t ca care to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen, you should definitely think about getting this rice cooker. This could be the best investment you will make to eat healthy and save money. Who would argue with that?

ConsIt’s more expensive than a conventional rice cooker that has turn on and off button.

Price, Warranty and Where to Buy – Sanyo ECJ-HC100S

Multiple online websites or ecommerce stores carry this Sanyo rice cooker. Some have lower list price, but you will have to either pay Shipping and Handling fee or sales tax. The two best places I’ve found are Amazon and PC Nation. Amazon beats most stores for free S & H and no sales tax (in most states in the U.S.) and PC Nation has no sales tax and no S & H.

For current price on Amazon, please click on the button below:


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