Panasonic SR-MS183 vs SR-DG182 vs SR-DE103

I’ve done a couple of comparisons in the past on Panasonic rice cookers. I thought it’s time to line up the top 3 Panasonic Fuzzy Logic rice cookers to see which one is worthy of your money.

I’ve chosen these three because they are so similar, yet there are subtle nuances that make them different from one another.


Design, Style and Color

Panasonic SR-MS183 and SR-DE103 are similar in the appearance of the rice cooker whereas SR-DG182 has a more modern/curvy shape.

The similarity is also reflected in the dimensions of the SR-MS183 and SR-DE103. One caveat is that SR-DE103 is smaller overall due to its small capacity size (5 cups vs 10 cups). SR-DG182 is a bit larger in the overall dimensions.

The next difference is in the LCD display panel. Given SR-MS183 is the newest model among the three, it has an orange LCD control panel vs. the gray in the other two. The colored LCD is just a tad easier on the eyes.

Capacity Size

Panasonic SR-MS183 and SR-DG182 both offer two sizes in 5 cups and 10 cups uncooked rice (SR-MS183-10-cups, SR-MS103-5 cups, SR-DG182-10-cups and SR-DG102-5 cups). SR-DE103 is only available in 5 cups.

Inner Cooking Pot Material

The SR-MS183’s inner pot is made of Binchotan, white charcoal burnt over a long periods of time to reach a very high temperature (1000 C). By using it in the inner pot, it helps bring out the best color, aroma and flavor in rice by absorbing the undesirable smell from tap water and the rice.

The bottom of the inner pot is dimpled for extra heat to expand by 20% for more even heating distribution and better cooked rice.

Menu Settings

Like many rice cooker manufacturers in the industry, plug and play seems to the norm in the menu setting options. A case in point with these three rice cookers:

SR-MS183 has menu choices for a variety of rice: white, brown, sticky rice and quick cook as well as for steam, slow cook (up to 12 hours), cake and porridge.

SR-DG182, on the other hand, has very similar menu options as in SR-MS183 with the exceptions of the slow cook is good for 3 hours and there is no steam option.

The SR-DE103 is almost identical to SR-DG182 with the exception that it DOES have steam option. Talking about trying to confuse consumers, they are doing a great job at it.

The other difference is that you can set the Delayed Timer for up to 24 hours in advance in SR-MS183 and SR-DE103, but only for 4, 6, 8 or 12 hours increment in SR-DG182.

In case you are not familiar, this is the function where you can set the cooker to cook rice hours ahead of time. For example, if you get off from work at 5 p.m. and you don’t have to drive home and start cooking rice afterwards. What you can do is to get all the ingredients ready and set the timer to cook at 16:00 hour (4 p.m.) before heading out the door in the morning. That way, when you get home, the rice will be ready for you. You can whip up a stir-fry or something to go with the rice.

Other Features

One minor difference in the accessory offering: SR-MS183 and SR-DE103 have the same accessories (a rice spatula, a measuring cup and a steam basket). However, SR-DG182 doesn’t have a steam basket as it doesn’t have the menu option.

Power Consumption

The power consumption for the 3 rice cookers are all within the same range of each other detailed below:

  • Panasonic SR-MS183: 750 watts/cooking hour and 86.9 watts per warming hour; 775 watts/cake baking hour
  • Panasonic SR-DG182: 800 watts/cooking hour and 95 watts per warming hour; 835 watts/ caking baking hour
  • Panasonic SR-DE103: 750 watts/cooking hour and 74.1 watts per warming hour; 775 watts/ caking baking hour

As you can tell, the improvement is made in the power consumption in the warming hour for the SR-MS183, but somewhat offset by the increase of watts in the cooking hour.

Customer Rating

SR-MS183 is rated the best by consumers on Amazon with a 4.8 out of 5 star rating comparing to 3.9 for SR-DG182 and 4.3 for SR-DE103. In the overall scheme of things, all are top-notch rice cookers worthy of 4.0 or better rating. So it’s hard to go wrong with anyone of them.


Clearly, the SR-MS is the most expensive among the three due to the enhancements. Depending on which size you buy, the price difference vs SR-DE103 and SR-DG102/182 is up to $40 more. The SR-DG102/182’s price vs SR-DE103 is within $15 (more expensive).


Despite all the differences, they are also similar in many of the features:

  • All are equipped with micro-computerized Fuzzy Logic technology. The rice cookers have the mind of their own to think through “what if scenario” depending on the ingredients and the cooking environment. All result in perfectly cooked rice and other dishes for you to enjoy.
  • All are white in color.
  • Overall design is the same with marginal dimensional differences.
  • All are best sellers on Amazon in the more affordable price range than the Zojirushi rice cookers.

Here is a comparison table for you to see all 3 rice cookers side by side.

Model #Panasonic SR-MS183Panasonic SR-DG182Panasonic SR-DE103






Capacity10 cups10 cups5 cups
Heatingdirect heating/fuzzy logicdirect heating/neuro fuzzy logicdirect heating/neuro fuzzy logic
Functionrice cooker, steamer, slow cook, bake cakesrice cooker, slow cooker, bake cakesrice cooker, steamer, slow cook, bake cakes
Timer24 hours in military time for rice only up to 24 hours in advance24 hours in military time for rice only for 4/6/8/12 hours in advance24 hours in military time for rice only up to 24 hours in advance
Menu SettingRice: white, brown, sticky, quick cook; Other: steam, slow cook (up to 12 hrs.), cake, porridgeRice: white, brown, sticky, quick cook; Other: slow cook (up to 3 hrs.), cake, porridgeRice: white, brown, sticky, quick cook; Other: steam, slow cook (up to 3 hrs.), cake, porridge
Dimensions13-13/16 x 10-1/4 x 9-5/814-1/16 x 11 x 9-9/1613-13/16 x 10-1/4 x 7-3/4
Accessoriesmeasuring cup, rice spatula, steaming basketmeasuring cup, rice spatulameasuring cup, rice spatula, steaming basket
Power Consumption835watts/cooking hour and 52 watts/warming hour800 watts/cooking hour & 95 watts per warming hour750 watts/cooking hour & 89 watts per warming hour
Customer Rating4.8 out of 53.9 out of 54.3 out 5
Read ReviewPanasonic SR-MS183 ReviewPanasonic SR-DG182 ReviewPanasonic SR-DE103
PriceCheck Latest PriceCheck Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

Final Thought

It is up to you to decide on which feature might be more important to you. If you steam foods a lot, then definitely consider SR-MS183 or SR-DE103. If you are into the food taste, then SR-MS183 is a better option with the Binchotan in the inner pot. If budget is your main concern, then SR-DE103 is the most affordable.

Feel free to contact me via the Contact Form at the bottom of each page on this site or email me directly at ricequeen “at” sacredrice “dot” com with any additional questions I haven’t addressed in this comparison.

  1. Minai says:

    In looking at the manuals, the DE103 does NOT have a inner lid that is removable to clean, which was a dealbreaker for me in choosing to buy it. Just thought to add that – thanks for a great review!

  2. jackyyuan says:

    I am wondering ,how come my sr ms 183 of power consumption is 775?

    • Rice Queen says:


      I verified with the User Manual, the power consumption is 750 watts/cooking hour and 86.9 watts/warming hour for cooking rice. Your 775 watts is for cake baking function. Hope this helps.


  3. Paul Moore says:

    Just a comment.
    You should decide whether it’s called the SR-DE102 or the SR-DE103. It get’s confusing when you say stuff like “If you are into the food taste, then SR-MS183 is a better option with the Binchotan in the inner pot. If budget is your main concern, then SR-DE102 is the most affordable.+

    • Rice Queen says:


      Thanks so much for your comment. I’ve updated the typo in the post.

      Have a great day!



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