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If you have had your eyes on Panasonic SR-MS183 10-Cup Rice Cooker for a while, maybe it’s time to get one. Panasonic is no stranger to many people in the U.S and abroad for its innovative products. Panasonic rice cooker is no exception for its technological application as well as practical benefits. This rice cooker/steamer/slower cooker cooks rice and other meals consistently and effortlessly.

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Panasonic SR-MS183 Capacity

This rice cooker features 10-cup uncooked rice, enough for a big family of up to 8 people. The uncooked rice is doubled upon cooking. If you have a mid-sized family, having some left for the week is always a good thing. Rice is so versatile so you can pair it up with all kinds of dishes. How about cooking a pot of spicy curry chicken and heating up the rice to complement it? Add some milk or almond milk to your brown rice with a dash of agave and cinnamon, you will have a delicious dessert without loads of fat and sugar.

Heating Technology in Panasonic SR-MS183

The SR-MS183 cooker sports Fuzzy Logic technology where intelligent sensors can detect moisture and humidity in the rice cooker to adjust cooking time and temperature precisely for perfectly cooked rice.

The inner pan is made of Binchotan type of charcoal. Binchotan is a traditional Japanese white charcoal. The charcoal is made by burning oak wood at low temperature over a long period of time to reach temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius. The benefit of Binchotan charcoal in the inner pan is that it promotes optimal color, aroma and taste by absorbing the undesirable smell and taste from the tap water.

Panasonic SR-MS183 Is Easy to Use

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The rice cooker is very easy to use and easy to clean. The messiest part of the rice cooker is the inner lid as the rice boils and the stuff floats on top of the inner lid. Fortunately, the rice cooker is designed with a detachable lid so you can take it off from the inner pot, rinse and wipe it clean without sweat.

Other Features – Panasonic SR-MS183

LCD and Timer: The 10-cup Panasonic rice cooker has a large orange display for easy read-out. The timer is set in military mode of 24 hours. It keeps the rice or your meal warm for 12 hours.

Menu Selections: With 8 settings, you can cook white, brown, sticky rice, porridge, steam, slow cook, 15 minute quick cook and cake. Cooking brown rice “just right” is one of the most talked about features in a computerized rice cooker.

Cord: The rice cooker has a detachable power cord so you can store it in a drawer to keep your kitchen counter neat. There is also a handle for you to carry it to a friend’s house or to a party.

Color: White with chrome finish

Dimensions: 14-1/16-inch (L) by 11-inch (W) by 9.9/16-inch (H)

Accessories: The Panasonic SR-MS183 rice cooker comes with a deluxe steaming basket, a large rice scoop and a measuring cup. The steaming basket is deep enough to steam vegetables, to cook hard boiled eggs and so on. The Manual is written in multiple languages: English, Chinese, Korean and Spanish.

helpful-tipsHelpful Tips for Panasonic SR-MS183

  1. Rinse rice a few times in cold water before cooking to get the bran and excessive starch out for optimal texture
  2. Clean each piece of the rice cooker thoroughly after each use with dish soap and warm water
  3. Budget 2 hours of cooking time for brown rice
  4. “Keep Warm” function is best for white rice
  5. Make sure there is no water outside of the inner pot before placing it on the heating plate
  6. Wipe out any debris on the heating plate to ensure best performance
  7. You can get creative by adding tea infused water to the uncooked rice such as jasmine tea if you like the aroma from the tea. Some people add a bit cooking oil to the uncooked rice for extra moist rice.

Panasonic SR-MS183 Customer Reviews

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This rice cooker is well received by most of the customers and is rated highly.

4.5 out of 5

People were pleased with how easy it is to use and to clean. It’s a perfect cooker for many purposes. It literally consolidates three cooking appliances into one: rice cooker + steamer + slow cooker and saves lots of counter space. These customers were very glad that they made the best purchase and couldn’t imagine not having it.

Pros and Cons of Panasonic SR-MS183 Rice Cooker

ProsPanasonic SR-MS183 10-cup Rice Cooker is among the top-rated rice cookers. With the advanced heating technology and the unique Binchotan coated inner pan, the cooked rice can pass the most critical palette in texture, aroma and color. For those busy moms out there, let the rice cooker do all the work while you enjoy spending time with your kids in the playground.

ConsOne customer griped about the timer is set in military mode instead of in 12 hour AM and PM while many others preferred it. Another customer said it was hard to know the ETA because the Fuzzy Logic controls the timing and temperature depending on what types of rice and how much you are cooking. I would say planning on an hour or so to cook regular white rice and more for brown rice to be on the safe side. You can definitely use the timer to your advantage to start the cooking ahead of time.

Price, Warranty and Where to Buy – SR-MS183 10-Cup Rice Cooker

Factoring Shipping and Handling and sales tax, Amazon has the most favorable price. Panasonic offers a one-year limited warranty, including free parts and free labor. The warranty is only good for purchases made in the United States and Puerto Rico. To find a service center, please visit or call 1-800-211-7262.

For current price on Amazon, please click on the button below:

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  1. DianeR says:

    Can you tell me how heavy duty the inner pan of this model is? I’ve seen several different Zojirushi rice cookers and their inner pans all had very thick walls and were quite heavy, but I haven’t been able to find one of this Panasonic model to look at in real life.

    • Rice Queen says:


      Thanks for reaching out. This Panasonic inner pot is made of aluminum coated with Binchotan (a white charcoal) which is supposed to enhance the flavor of rice by absorbing the undesired taste from tap water. I don’t own one myself and I can’t tell you how heavy it is. But I assume it’s no different from any other comparable rice cooker made of similar material. I did some research online and couldn’t find the information. If it’s critical to know, here is the number to call Panasonic to see if they know the answer:

      Product Support and Technical Assistance
      1-800-211-PANA (7262)
      en Espanol
      opcion #2
      Mon-Fri 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM EST
      Sat-Sun 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM EST

      Maybe the better question for you is what you are after. Are you looking for a stainless steel pot? Why is the weight of the inner pot so important? If you could give me more information on what you are looking for, maybe I can guide you to consider a right rice cooker for your needs.


      • Saida S says:

        Hi Lei!
        Does Panasonic has stainless steel inner pot for SR-MS183 model?


      • Rice Queen says:


        The short answer is No. The Panasonic inner cooking pot is made of non-stick material. Here is a link to one of my posts with a few rice cookers that have stainless steel inner pots. Stainless Steel Rice Cookers. Hope this helps. Please feel free to write back with further questions.

  2. sam says:

    Hi Lei
    I have a question – I love my old panasonic sr-ge10p rice cooker- the rice comes out perfect every time! but recently, i have noticed that there are scratches on the non-stick coating (i think its teflon). Do i have to replace it? do you think its safe to keep using it? Also, Is there a way I could buy a replacement inner pot for that model, even though they dont make them anymore? I have tried to find some replacement pots with no luck- any ideas would be appreciated…


    • Rice Queen says:


      Thanks for visiting my site. You are not supposed to use the inner pot once it’s scratched, but it’s probably not a life and death issue if you do. The best way to find a replacement pot for your model is to google it or maybe contact Panasonic to see any other inner pot might fit in yours. Good luck!



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