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Experiment with your culinary adventures using this fool-proof Panasonic SR-G06FG 3 Cup Rice Cooker. Whether to pair your steamed fish with good quality sushi rice, cook a batch of tasty Spanish rice to go with your Mexican buffet dinner, or whip up some sticky rice with chilled coconut milk and fresh mango for dessert, this rice cooker is your best little helper in the kitchen.

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4 Capacity Sizes

Panasonic automatic rice cookers come in four useful sizes from 1 cup, 3 cups, 5.5 cups and 10 cups uncooked rice. For singles to small families, the 1 to 3 cups would work out really well. For large families or those who love to entertain, choose the 5.5 to 10 cups ones. Remember you don’t have to cook up to 10 cups every time. You can always do the minimum for each size such as 2 cups for the 10 cup one.

Inverter Heating

Inverter technology is at the core of this rice cooker line. The inverter technology regulates the level of energy by the rice cooker to attain consistent cooking through the entire cycle. This is contrary to the cooking in a conventional microwave oven. When setting the power to be 60%, the microwave still delivers 100% power followed by a period of no power. The result is the uneven cooked foods or some part defrosted and other overcooked in the same cycle. With the inverter technology, your rice will be cooked at high, medium or low heat consistently. The end result is that the rice or food is cooked evenly without being undercooked or overcooked.

Easy to Use and Cleanup Is a Snap

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It can’t get simpler than using this rice cooker. All you need to do is to press the “cook” button. The cooker will take care of the rest upon cooking. It will switch to “keep warm” function for an additional 4 hours. Cleaning is really a snap with the non-stick inner pot.

Other Features – Panasonic SR Rice Cookers

LCD and Timer: Not applicable

Menu Selections: No sophisticated menu settings to choose from with this rice cooker. However, it still cooks different types of rice and other foods really well. For example, many people use it to cook brown rice instead of white. All you need to do is to add a bit more water such as 1/4 to 1/2 more than the water line in the inner cooking pot. Test it with your rice, your altitude a couple of times to figure out the best ratio. I also soak the brown rice for an hour or so before turning on the “cook” button in addition to adding more water.

Cord: No detachable or retractable cord

Color: Silver for all except for the 10-cup one (SR-G10G) in white

Dimensions: 8-1/4 x 6-5/16 x 6-5/16 (1 cup), 9-5/8 x 7-3/4 x 8-1/4 (3 cups), 10-3/4 x 11-5/16 x 9-3/8 (5.5 cups) and 12-13/16 x 10-1/2 x 10-1/16 (10 cups)

Accessories: Measuring cup, rice spatula (except for the 5-cup cooker) and a steaming basket (10-cup cooker only)

helpful-tipsHelpful Tips for SR-G06FG Rice Cooker

  1. Cook a batch of wild rice to make a summer rice-veggie salad.
  2. The “keep warm” function is only good for up to 4 hours unlike many for up to 12 to 24 hours.
  3. When in doubt, choose a rice cooker larger than your normal everyday use as the measuring cup with the rice cooker is smaller (6 oz vs the U.S. 8 oz cup size).

SR-G06FG Customer Reviews

4 out of 5This is a no-brainer rice cooker that’s easy to use and clean. It cooks light and fluffy restaurant quality rice consistently. Among many Japanese brands of rice cooker, it is an affordable purchase that will last many years.

Pros and Cons

ProsIt cooks rice evenly with the inverter technology. The glass-lid traps the heat, moisture and flavor while cooking. It also allows a peek-a-boo during the cooking process. It conserves electricity comparing to cooking on a single burner. It also helps not heat up the kitchen in a hot summer.

ConsIt seems that the instructions were written by non-English people. The good thing is that this is not a fancy rice cooker and it should be fairly easy to get a hang of it with a few test runs.

Price, Warranty and Where to Buy – Panasonic Rice Cookers

One year limited warranty is offered through Panasonic. An additional year is available from Good Housekeeping. So you will get 2 years limited warranty for this rice cooker, which is better than the industry standard of 1 year.

Quite a few retail or online shopping portals carry this rice cooker. I did a quick search on Google at the time of the review, it looked like Amazon and Walmart were comparable in pricing and carry different sizes. Spend a few minutes and do some comparison shopping to get the best deal.

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