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If you are concerned about what Teflon coating would do to your health, then consider Oyama CFS-B12U 7 Cup Rice Cooker as a healthier alternative. This no-frill rice cooker will cook perfect rice without harmful substance leached into your foods.

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Capacities for All Family Sizes

Oyama CFS-B12U comes with different capacity sizes such as 5 cups, 7 cups and 10 cups of uncooked rice. In case you are not aware, rice increases volume by 1x upon cooking. So the 7-cup rice cooker is suitable for a family of 4-5 people. The 5 cup is great for a family of 3-4 people and the 10 cup for 6-8 people.

Conventional Heating

This rice cooker is a conventional electric rice cooker without fuzzy logic or induction heating technology. The biggest selling point of this rice cooker is the stainless steel inner pot which doesn’t peel off after repeated use. It wouldn’t cause potential harm to your health due to the non-stick aluminum coating. Triple-layered cooking pot bottom minimizes burning or sticking. The rice will be kept warm and fresh for up to 24 hours. So no need to transfer the rice to a container and store it in the fridge if you know you are going to eat it in the next meal.

Easy to Use and Breezy to Clean

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Since it’s a simple rice cooker, all you need to do is to push the “cook” button after adding rice and water to the inner pot. After cooking is done, it will automatically switch to “keep warm” function. As one customer put it, it’s “ridiculously easy to clean”. Soak the inner pot with some water and use a kitchen rag to wash off any residual on the bottom of the pot, rinse and dry it.

Other Features – CFS-B12U

LCD and Timer: Not applicable

Menu Selections:There are no complicated menu options to study and to experiment. This rice cooker cooks basic types of rice very well such as white and brown rice of sorts (short, medium or long grain). It also has a steamer tray where you can steam up some veggies to go with your rice. Whip up a simple sauce to pour over the steamed veggies or just add a dash of extra virgin olive oil with salt and pepper to taste.

Cord: No retractable or detachable cord

Color: White with stainless steel finish

Dimensions: 11 x 10.5 x 10.5

Accessories: Measuring cup and rice spatula

helpful-tipsHelpful Tips for Oyama Rice Cooker

  1. Wash the inner pot and all the other accessories really well before using.
  2. Soak the inner pot with white vinegar to clean off the calcium deposits.
  3. Add a little bit cooking oil to the uncooked rice to make the rice fluffier (secret shared by a restaurant owner).
  4. Cook some potenta to go with your Italian dinner.

Oyama CFC-B12U Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5The unique feature of this rice cooker is that it has a stainless steel inner cooking pot that eliminates the potential health concern caused by the Teflon coating. The simplicity of the design and function is appealing to many customers who don’t want to have all the unnecessary bells and whistles.

Pros and Cons

ProsStainless steel inner pot without non-stick Teflon coating. Perfect size for a small to mid-sized family. Simple to use and clean.

ConsUser Manual is poorly written. 15% restocking fee is applied when you return the rice cooker. What are they thinking?

Price, Warranty and Where to Buy – Oyama CFS-B12U Rice Cooker

A standard one-year warranty is offered by Oyama. Multiple retail and online outlets carry the Oyama rice cooker. Make sure you do a simple comparison shopping for best price and best S & H charges. Amazon is my stand-by online shopping site for many household items.

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