Do You Need a Rice Dispenser?

After living in the United States for many years, one thing that stands out is there is a tool for everything you do. There is a garlic crusher, garlic storage container, a blender, a mixer. The list goes on and on. I didn’t realize there were rice dispensers on the market until I was putting around on Amazon today. So what in the world do we need to spend money on buying a rice dispenser? Well, the benefits may surprise you.

  1. The first obvious benefit is to store a large amount of rice neatly and be tucked away under a cabinet or in some storage space in the kitchen.
  2. To prevent critters, bugs and insects from crawling in the rice
  3. To keep rice dry and fresh
  4. To save money and time in driving to the grocery store or Asian store to buy more rice all the time. Buying in bulk is a lot cheaper than buying a 5-pound bag in a supermarket.
  5. It dispenses rice by a pre-defined unit (typically in a cup).

What Is a Rice Dispenser?

A rice dispenser is a container made of sturdy plastic material (more often) that holds certain amount of dry rice. It is used for storing rice in the kitchen to keep bugs out as well as dispensing rice. The capacity size is in pound, kilogram or in quart.

The shape of a rice dispenser is very much like a computer tower in white or other neutral colors. There is an opening on top of the dispenser for you to replenish rice. The quality is measured by the air-tightness of the container and the lid, the sturdiness of the material, the ease for dispensing and how easy it is to clean.

The dispensing mechanism is to push down a lever and pull it up in some models to dispense rice. The rice falls into a receiving drawer for you to take out and then pour the rice into a rice cooker or a bowl for rinsing.

The dispenser can be cleaned both inside and out. It’s advised not to use soap to clean the inside as it may leave residue and scent from the detergent. Rice is a very absorbent grain and it will be scented with the undesirable smell.

The price of a dispenser varies mostly by capacity size, the bigger the size, the more expensive. Of course, it varies by brand as well. I am including two rice dispensers that are very popular on Amazon.



Sunpentown SC-10 22 Pound Rice Dispenser

Sunpentown Int’l is a U.S. based company based in Southern California. It manufactures and markets household appliances such as induction cooktops, rice cookers, rice dispensers and so on.

Key Features

Sunpentwon SC-10 is a 22-pound rice dispenser. Measured as 16-1/2 by 7 by 17-1/2 inches, it is compact enough to store neatly in most kitchen cabinets.

The rice is loaded from the top panel. There is a see-through window on the front panel for peeking how much rice is left in the container. The rest of the dispenser is also made of quality plastic in cream color that won’t clash with any kitchen d├ęcor.

To dispense rice, all you need to do is to push the level down and a cup of rice will be dispensed to the bottom drawer. You can dispense up to 6 cups without overflowing in the drawer. Bear in mind the cup size is smaller than the U.S. cup size. The cup works perfectly with Japanese rice cookers.

1-year limited warranty comes with the purchase.

Customer Reviews

Majority of customers were very happy with the purchase and pleased about the slim size and ease of use with an average 3.9 out of 5 star rating. Many of them eat rice multiple times a week so it’s a great utensil to store rice than the unsightly store-bought paper rice bag laying around on the kitchen floor.

One customer mentioned that the dispenser is so low that you will have to bend all the way down to dispense and to remove the receiving drawer. You might want to elevate the dispenser onto a shelf to make it easier on your back.



Tayama 25KG/55LBS Rice Dispenser

Tayama is a brand marketed by Huarun Appliance USA based in California. It specializes in marketing and distributing Tayama and other brands of consumer houseware products. Its product line includes Tayama electric rice cookers, water dispensers, etc.

Important Features

This Tayama rice dispenser has the capacity of holding 55 pounds of dry rice. It’s definitely made for those who are serious rice eaters. Make sure you take note that this is 25KG, not 25lbs. One customer overlooked the fact and thought it was 25 pounds.

Made of sturdy plastic, the dispenser is measured as 13 x 22 x 14 inches in dimensions. It also can be easily stored away in your kitchen.

The dispenser has a removable top lid for easy access and loading rice. There are two setting to dispense 1/2 and 1 cup of rice by simply pulling out and pushing back a rectangular piece. The rice falls into the bottom drawer.

Customer Reviews

Overall the dispenser has received positive ratings (4.4 out of 5) on Amazon. Out of the 11 reviews, 10 reviewers rated it as 4 to 5 stars. They liked the slim design, the ease of dispensing the rice by a rice cooker cup and there is no mess or spilled rice on the floor. And they didn’t have to struggle to get the rice out from the bottom of the paper bag.

Only 1 person gave it a 2-star citing the cheap material and the inaccurate capacity measure. A number of people did comment about the top lid didn’t have any groove. Some even put a weighty object on it to make sure it’s tightly shut.

The same one-year standard warranty is provided.

There you have it. Another gadget to add to your kitchen appliance collection.

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