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Breville BRC600XL Risotto Plus 10-Cup Rice Cooker is Breville’s entry into the rice cooker market with sleek design and essential menu options of a multi-functional cooker. You may use it for cooking rice, creamy risotto, sauteing, steaming and slow cooking all sorts of foods in this compact unit. Using the cooker is as simple as a touch of a button.

Two design features make this cooker one of a kind comparing to all other rice/slow cookers on the market. The first unique feature is the vertical control panel and the other is the two looped handles on the sides for easy transport.

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10 Cup Dry Rice or 4 Quart Liquid Capacity


This cook has 10 cup (uncooked rice) or 20 (cooked and 4 quart in liquid capacity. It’s big enough to comfortably serve all sizes of families. While it has a maximum capacity of 10 cups, you have the option to cook a minimum of 2 cups.

Heating: Direct Heat and Digitally Programmed

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This unit is equipped with direct heating element housed in the bottom of the external vessel. The cooker is pre-programmed with different cooking methods to take all the guesswork out for you.

The inner cooking bowl is made of non-stick aluminum for easy cooking and easy cleaning. The bowl/or pot is marked with water lines for up to 10 cups of dry rice. The domed lid is made of tempered glass that allows you to see through while cooking.

Easy to Use and to Clean

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The rice cooker comes with a very detailed and clear Instruction Manual to walk you through step-by-step how to cook rice and risotto, sauté, steam and slow cook various meats, seafood and vegetables. A video is also available by Breville to give you a demo of the cooker and how to use it.

To cook rice, measure dry rice in the cup provided as it has a different size than the typical U.S. measuring cup (6 oz vs. 8 oz). Add water per the line in the inner bowl; plug the power cord; and press “rice/steam” button. You are all set. 20 to 30 minutes later, you’d smell the fresh aromatic rice ready to be paired with whatever your heart desires.

Cooking risotto is not that much more difficult. Press “sauté” button first for up to 5 minutes to heat up the inner bowl; add olive oil or butter; add diced onions and mushrooms and let them “sweat” for a few minutes. Then add dry Arborio rice and your choice of liquid (e.g. water, broth and white wine) and press “risotto” button. Wait for 20 to 30 minutes to enjoy creamy and delicious risotto. Gone is the time that you have to stand by the stove and constantly stir the risotto for 40 minutes. There is no mess, no fuss, just pure goodness.

Slow cooking feature can be set for either low or high. If cooked on low, it takes 6-7 hours and on high, 3-4 hours. The best use for a slow cooker is to tenderize tough cuts of meat, shank bones, etc. on slow and low heat. It’s perfect for layering the flavors from caramelizing the onions, browning the meat all the way to cook the meat folk-tender. Instead of using multiple pots and pans, you only need to stick with one which means less cleaning to do after cooking. (I love cooking, but don’t care for cleaning).

If you watch the fat intake in your diet, then steaming offers you infinite options from steaming poultry, seafood to an assortment of vegetables. Yes, people also use the steamer to cook “hard-boiled” eggs and steam Chinese dumplings (aka pot stickers). You are only limited by your imagination.

Cleaning is effortless. Highly recommend that you hand wash the inner bowl as the high heat and the harsh detergent in the dishwasher might scratch the non-stick surface. The lid is dishwasher safe. You may also want to clean the heating plate inside of the external vessel to ensure no water or debris left to affect the heat conductivity.

Other Features

LCD and Timer: As mentioned earlier, the interesting design feature is the control panel. Instead of being on the front face of the external vessel, the panel is pretruded on the lower bottom of the front. It adds such an interesting three-dimensional appeal as well as ergonomic ease for the hand and the wrist. Pressing a button vertically from top to bottom is a lot easier than trying to do the same sideways.



Menu Selection: From the left to the right of the control panel are risotto, sauté, rice/steam, slow cook low, slow cook high, keep warm and start/cancel. All the settings are designed with easy-to-push buttons. No need to flip through the Manual trying to figure out what to do next, no complicated multi-step actions on your part. You can literally memorize the sequence of these buttons and push one with your eyes closed.

Cord: The power cord is removable for easy storage and easy serving should you decide to serve the dish at the dinner table.

Color: The exterior has brushed stainless steel that gives such a clean and modern feel to it. It would be a wonderful addition to a kitchen full of stainless steel appliances and cookware.

Dimensions (inches for L-W-H): 12.6 x 11.5 x 10 inches ; 7.6 pounds in weight

Accessories: Rice spatula, measuring cup, steamer

Customer Reviews

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Pros and Cons

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  • Modern and stylish design makes it such a wonderful addition to anybody’s kitchen.
  • The vertical control panel is so easy and ergonomic on the wrist and hand when selecting the menu option.
  • 10 cup or 4 quart is a great size for varying sizes of families.
  • Easy and intuitive menu buttons save you a lot of brain damage.
  • Multi-functional cooking options provide you with many possibilities to leverage one cooker for many different dishes.
  • This cooker is backed by a solid brand such as Breville that you won’t have trouble contact customer service if needs arise and for ordering spare parts.
  • Priced at mid-point in the rice cooker market, this cooker will most likely gain popularity among consumers.
  • It takes half of the time to cook rice as in many Japanese rice cookers.


  • The 4-quart liquid capacity is not huge if making a pot of soup.
  • No timer for this cooker

Price, Warranty and Where to Buy – Breville BRC600XL

1-year limited warranty is offered by Breville. This is a standard warranty period.

This rice cooker is available at Amazon and a few other Breville authorized retailers.

Should You or Shouldn’t You Buy?

If you don’t own a rice cooker, I definitely recommend getting this one. In fact, you will be getting the functions of several cookers in one to save money and storage space. It’s perfect for those city dwellers where space is always at premium. For the busy couples, this cooker will allow you to multi-task while cooking a home-made meal.


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