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I am in the market for another wok as my Calphalon non-stick wok has started to stick big time. I am Chinese. I know my food and my kitchen appliances when it comes to Asian cooking. After two hours of researching for the best wok, I am totally convinced that Breville BEW600XL Hot Wok is going to be my next purchase.

As much I love cooking and eating, I don’t think I am a gadget fanatic. In fact, I am the opposite about getting every tool for every job in the kitchen. One is costly to buy everything and the other is that eventually I’ll run out of space no matter how much storage space I have in the kitchen.

But with the BEW600XL is a different story. I’ll have to get it. It’s rare that I feel so jazzed up about a wok. But reading review after review on Amazon for this product, I am just pumped about a high quality product with smart design.

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Capacity | Heating Technology | Easy to Use | Other Features | Helpful Tips | Customer Reviews | Pros and Cons | Price, Warranty and Where to Buy

Capacity: 6 Quarts


This wok is measured as 14″ in diameter and 6 quarts in capacity. It’s a large size to cook 8 to 12 servings of food without any problem.

Heating: Butterfly Heating Design

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The beauty of this wok is its ability to imitate an authentic Asian wok on an engulfing flame without the real danger of burning the kitchen or the entire house down. The heating element is wired like a butterfly on the bottom of the wok to allow heat to distribute upward along the walls of the wok. How smart is that?

The wok is designed to sear meats in 425 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. It has 15 dials from low to high. The dials are marked as numeric numbers as opposed to heat temperatures. The Usual Manual provides general instructions on the dial to turn based on what you are cooking. More on the dials and types of food later.

The wok heats up very quickly. One customer mentioned that it takes about 6 minutes to heat up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only that, the heat is distributed evenly in the wok and food is cooked uniformly to produce the best taste and flavor.

The power plug is designed with a finger hole in it so you can plug or unplug effortlessly. The finger hole is wide enough even a man’s finger could fit in it. It is HIGHLY recommended that you plug the power cord DIRECTLY into the outlet. It’s also wise not to use other power sucking appliance at the same time while using the wok. The power cord is designed to be shorter to prevent tripping over or entanglement. If you have to use an extension cord, make sure it’s not draped over any edge of the counter or have small kids nearby.

Unlike a typical non-stick pan, this wok has multiple non-stick coatings infused with a unique blend of titanium particles to prevent scratching of the cooking surface and for easy clean-up.  It’s durable and scratch-resistant. What a powerful duo!

Easy to Use and to Clean

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The entire wok can be taken apart after cooking for easy cleaning. The heating base is detachable. So you can clean the wok without the electrical component attached. The lid is made of tempered glass for peeking through while cooking.

While the wok is designed to be dishwasher safe, I suggest that you hand wash it as a precautionary measure against scratch. Plus, it’s so big to be stick into the dishwasher anyway. All you need to do is to wash it with some warm soapy water and dry it with a dish towel.

You may want to let the lid cool off before soaking it in the cold water. Just a thought.

Other Features – BEW600XL

Temperature Control Dials:  As I mentioned earlier, there are 15 dials in the temperature control probe. From Dial #1 through #5, it’s for low heat for slow cooking, simmering and keeping food warm. At this heat level, you can simmer a pot of soup, braise meats, and slow cook a pot of pasta sauce.

From #5 to #9, you get medium heat where you can sauté or brown foods.

#10 to #13 delivers the high heat for stir-frying vegetables. #14 and High Sear (#15) is to be used for high heat cooking such as searing meat and for hard-core Asian stir-frying. I can’t wait to try this as my electric stove doesn’t do any justice to stir-fry. It’s more like stewing . It defeats the whole purpose of stir-frying. What a shame!

Cord: The power cord with the temp control probe is detachable so you can store it in a drawer or inside of the wok with some paper towel in between the two to prevent scratching.

Color: Stainless steel

Dimensions (inches): 17.8 x 9.2 x 17.8 

OK. Storing this baby could be a challenge for those who live a small apartment with premium storage space or space, period! Even by taking things apart each time, you still have to be contend with a 14″ wok in your cupboard. The other option is to leave it on your kitchen counter if you want to take full advantage of the versatility of cooking all sorts of meals in this wok. Of course, you still need to have space to leave it there.

helpful-tipsHelpful Tips

  1. Wipe down the wok with a damp cloth before the first use and coat it with a few drops of cooking oil.
  2. Only use a wooden, plastic or silicone spoon and spatula for cooking to prevent from scratching the cooking surface.
  3. When stir-frying, use high heat from 10 to 15 depending on the types of ingredients so you won’t stew the dish as you would on an electric stove-top.
  4. Make sure your kitchen counter is heat-proof for the wok to be placed on. Otherwise, take necessary measures not to damage the kitchen counter.

Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5I have only come across customer reviews with this kind of overwhelming enthusiasm once for another product. They sang high praises for the high quality, effective heat distribution, smart design for easy use and effortless cleaning and great tasting food. This is a great alternative to emulate the real Asian cooking on a gas stove-top at home.

Pros and Cons

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Pros15 heat settings lends itself to cook a wide varieties of dishes from slow cooking a beef stew all the way to sear meats/seafood in high heat to preserve the best texture and flavor. The titanium coating makes it safe to cook in high temperature without the harmful health concerns as in Teflon coating. The heat control is very reliable, heat distribution even and heat recovery very quick. You can literally cook with this wok anywhere where electricity is available. Some people do it in their backyard or on a picnic table in a camp ground.

ConsThe wok is big that storing it can be a challenge. It’s hard to flip the wok as the real professional chefs do while cooking. It’s also difficult to lift the entire wok and pour the cooked dish onto a bowl or a platter. It’s either a two-people’s operation or you have to be patient to ladle the dish out one spoon at a time. Reattaching the wok to the base, you’ll have to turn the lock counter-clock wise. The temp control probe is not marked in real temperature, but in numeric numbers. So you need to read the instructions and test a few dishes to get a handle of the temperature. It’s really not that much different than a stove-top burner where low, medium and high heat are marked in numbers.

Price, Warranty and Where to Buy – BEW600XL Hot Wok

One-year limited warranty is provided as the industry norm. The best price I could find at the time of this review is on Amazon. If you have the Amazon Prime membership, you can get this product with two-day shipping for FREE.

For current price on Amazon, please click on the button below:

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