Best Rice Cooker 2013 Under $100

In the previous post, I talked about best rice cookers under $50. As a continued theme, this post is focusing on best rice cooker under $100. As a matter of fact, they are between $50 to $100.

What Would You Get for $100?


In this price range, you’d be able to choose rice cookers of various brands such as Aroma, Panasonic, Zojirushi (mostly the lower-end models).

Capacity Size and Material

The size of a rice cooker may not have a direct correlation to the price. In fact, oftentimes it has an inverse relationship. For example, a 5-1/2 cup size rice cooker may cost you more than a 10-cup one due to the higher demand by consumers. So you should have the choice between the most popular sizes of 5-1/2 and 10 cup. Mind you for the simplicity, these cup sizes are all in dry/or uncooked rice.

When talking about material, it refers to both the inner cooking pot and the exterior vessel. To many consumers, it’s more important to focus on the inner cooking pot as the material varies from non-stick coated aluminum to surgical stainless steel. If you are worried about non-stick coating, you should choose one with stainless steel inner pot. Most of the well-known brands such as Zojirushi and Pansonic produce rice cookers with some sort of non-stick coating. However, Aroma does have models with 100% stainless steel inner pot and so do a few other less-known brands such as Oyama and Miracle Exclusives.

Heating Technology

You may be able to select a rice cooker that’s digitally programmed. In the rice cooker market, it’s often referred to as “fuzzy logic”. What it really means is that the rice cooker is programmed with several menu settings that take into account of the type of rice and the quantity you cook. The advantages of such technology are several folds such as the rice is cooked perfectly without your manipulation of the cooking time and temperature. This in turn saves you time and headaches. It’s easy to operate by pushing a combination of buttons to get the rice cooked just right.

Not every brand includes “fuzzy logic” in their rice cookers at this price range. If you are keen on this, make sure that you choose a brand/or model with this component.

Menu Options

Panasonic offers several models with fuzzy logic and commonly used menu options such as white rice, brown rice, porridge/soup and quick cook/steam. The rice cookers have an easy-to-read display panel where the menu selections are displayed.

Special Features

Some of the models may have the “timer” option by which you can set the rice cooker to cook while you are away from home. This saves you about an hour of cooking time when you get home from work. It’s a very convenient feature to make the best use of.

In some models such as Panasonic, other cooking options are designed into the rice cooker such as “bake”, “steam” and “slow cook”. You may take advantage of these features to cook all sorts of meals besides rice. For example, you may use the “bake” menu to bake a cake or a loaf of bread. Using “slow cook” to make stews or soups. You get the idea.

Best Rice Cookers under $100

Here is a chart of the 5 best rice cookers under $100. I’ve either written detailed reviews or comparisons on some of the models. If you are interested in learning more, just click on the hyperlink under “Read Review”.

ModelPanasonic SR-DF181Zojirushi NS-PC10Panasonic SR-DG182Aroma NRC-687SD-1SGZojirushi NS-XAC05XR
Product Imagepanasonic-sr-df181-10-cup-rice-cookerzojirushi-ns-pc10-5-cup-rice-cookerpanasonic-sr-dg182-10-cup-rice-cooker aroma-nrc-687sd-1sg-rice-cooker zojirushi-ns-xac05-3-cup-rice-cooker
Capacity (Uncooked Rice)10 cup5 cup10 cup7 cup3 cup
Unique Featuresfuzzy logic, easy-to-use menu buttonsone-button easy operationfuzzy logic, slow cookdigital, stainless steel inner potvery stylish design with risotto option
Customer Ratings (5.0= the best)
Read ReviewRead ReviewN/ARead ReviewRead ReviewRead Review
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price


  • Inner Cooking Pot: May have the option to choose a stainless steel inner cooking pot
  • Heating Technology: Fuzzy logic technology takes the guessing game out of cooking rice so you don’t have to worry about the rice-to-water ratio every time you try to cook a different type of rice. All you need to do is to select the menu option and hit the “start” button.
  • Menu Options: You are offered with several usual rice cooker menu settings; you might also get special features such as “bake” and “steam” as added bonus in a rice cooker


  • Heating Technology No cutting-edge heating technologies such as induction or pressurized heating.
  • Menu Options: No elaborated menu choices such as Umami and different types of brown rice such as GABA, semi-brown rice.
  • Design Features: You won’t get top-of-the-line in design style and features. Most of them are white in color. If you’d like to get stainless steel exterior vessel, you’d have to go up in price.

Who Is It for?

  • This is ideal for those folks who eat rice multiple times a week, but don’t care for the 5% improvement in either the taste or texture of rice.
  • Definitely made for those who want to get the cooker without spending a fortune or can’t seem to justify spending more than $100 on a rice cooker.
  • If you have had great experience in products made by Aroma, Panasonic or Zojirushi, you are in luck as there are multiple products to choose from.

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