4 Best Stainless Steel Rice Cookers


Yesterday I received a great question from a site visitor and he wanted to know if there were best stainless steel rice cookers (with stainless steel inner pots). His question represented a growing concern about the potential harm a Teflon-coated cookware could cause to our health. I wrote “at length” (relatively speaking) in a similar post a while ago about what Teflon is and why it could cause this type of concern. I am including a link in case you are interested in reading more.

His email inspired me to write a couple of additional product reviews and to share my findings of the 4 best rice cookers with stainless steel inner cooking surface. You may click on each product text or hyperlink (in orange color) to read the full review. Let’s take a closer look at each one:

4 Best Non-Teflon Rice Cookers



Product #1: Aroma NRC-1000 Rice Cooker

This is one of the newest rice cookers marketed as “Whole Food Gourmet” by NutriWare, part of Aroma Housewares Company. This rice cooker has 9 cups uncooked or 18 cups cooked capacity with fuzzy logic heating technology. This is the only rice cooker in this top 4 list with an advanced technology and a LCD panel with very basic menu options.

Another unique feature is that it has a colander for boiling pasta, potatoes, etc. besides a steaming basket.



Product #2: Miracle Exclusives ME81 Rice Cooker

Produced by Miracle Exclusives, another U.S. based household appliance manufacturer, the ME81 rice cooker is as simple as it gets. It comes with a capacity size of 8 cups uncooked rice or 12 cups cooked rice. Yes, I know for the life of me it is not converted as 2 to 1 ratio between cooked and uncooked rice. One-touch button operation and conventional heating element. Sometimes less is more.

Seemingly this rice cooker doesn’t have distinct features comparing to the 3, yet it has quite a positive rating and has been one of the best-sellers in the stainless steel rice cooker category.



Product #3: Oyama CFS-B12U Rice Cooker

I was surprised to find out this is a Chinese rice cooker manufacturer with a sort of Japanese name. Ironic, isn’t it? The CFC-B12U comes with several capacity sizes, 7 cups for this model and 5 and 10 cups for the others. Once again, there is no fancy heating element but good old conventional heating. The only differentiator for this rice cooker is that it is capable of keeping the rice warm up to 24 hours. Impressive length of time!

There is no LCD panel, but a bare minimum plug in and plug off.



Product #4: Tatung TAC-11KN Rice Cooker

Tatung is a well-known household name in Taiwan. In fact, more than 95% of the households own this rice cooker. It has several capacity sizes in 3, 6, 10 and 20 cups. The 20 cups has a different appearance with mostly white.

The differentiating factors for TAC-11KN rice cooker lies in the indirect heating, functioning similar to the double-boiler concept. The advantage of the heating technology is that it preserves the taste and texture of the rice very well as the rice is heated through all surrounding area instead of just from the bottom of the pot.

Another interesting design is that this rice cooker has an optional attachment to make it a double-stacked steamer. It reminds me of the double-decker buses in Hong Kong.

So the burning question you might have is which one I’d recommend. In anticipation of your curiosity, I went through a crude analytical process where I defined the criteria and assigned each product with a numeric value.

My Fuzzy Math

I created an Excel spreadsheet with the top rice cookers in one column and the criteria across on the other columns. The criteria are:

  1. Price
  2. Rating
  3. # of Customer Reviews
  4. Capacity Size
  5. Color
  6. Heating
  7. Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  8. Menu Options

Then I decided to give each product a “+1” point if (otherwise it would be “0”):

  • The price is under $100
  • The rating = or >4.0
  • # of customer reviews = or >30
  • Capacity sizes > 1
  • Unique features = or > 3

I added the (+1) points for each product and the result is (from best to worst), (drum roll please!):

  1. Oyama CFC-B12U
  2. Miracle ME81
  3. Tatung TAC-11KN
  4. Aroma NRC-1000

My Final Thought

So if you are very budget-oriented and don’t want to spend a lot on a rice cooker, then Oyama and Miracle should be your choices.

If you prefer quality over price, then Tatung is a built-to-last rice cooker. I’ve read that many customers in Taiwan have owned this rice cooker for as long as 30 years.

If you are interested in killing many birds with one stone, the Aroma rice cooker should be a contender.

The bottom line is that all these rice cookers are made of 304 grade stainless steel that you don’t have to be concerned about harmful coated Teflon or aluminum leaching into your food or what the reactive cooking surface might do to your health.

Please leave your comment in the comment area below to compare your notes with mine.

  1. A. Scuderi says:

    Nice review! But now where do we find one that does not have Teflon and is also made in USA ( or anywhere but China)??? I’ve been looking for days and cannot find one…

    • Rice Queen says:


      Thanks for your kind words. I’ve reviewed four rice cookers that have stainless steel inner pots. Among the four brands, Oyama is a Chinese brand and Tatung is a Taiwanese brand. Aroma and Miracle Exclusives are all American brands. Here is the link to that review. http://sacredrice.com/4-best-stainless-steel-rice-cookers/. You can find all of these rice cookers on Amazon. Let me know if I can help you further.


  2. Carl says:

    How does the buffalo rice cooker compare?

    • Rice Queen says:


      I haven’t had a chance to review any rice cookers by Buffalo. From a quick glance, it looks like they have a stainless steel inner cooking pot with a clad-base, which means a layer of aluminum sandwiched by two sheets of stainless steel for efficient heat conductivity (aluminum) and durability and non-corrosion (stainless steel). They are touted as multi-purpose cookers and cook rice faster than many other digital/fuzzy logic rice cookers on the market. Their prices are quite steep comparing to Zojirushi and Panasonic. Granted the latter two brands don’t have stainless steel inner pots. I’ve seen very few reviews on Amazon.

      Hope this helps. If you share more what you are looking for, maybe I can help point you to the right direction.



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